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A Career in Books - Job RolesA Career in Books - Job Roles

Job Roles

The journey of book creation is an intricate, multi-faceted process that is built by an interdepartmental collection of several teams and the opportunities are endless in many different areas. Each department at Sourcebooks contributes to the book making and/or distribution process. From the Editorial group to the Accounting team, each role is purposeful and critical to the company’s success. Check out these job role introductions to get a better idea of what each position entails. Interested in learning more about a particular career path? Reach out to us for more information!

Marketing Publicity

A marketing professional at a book publishing company will work with several departments within the organization, authors, and media to promote books. An enthusiastic, determined, goal-oriented individual with a creative mindset and the ability to be flexible and agile would find success in this type of role.  

Editorial (Acquisitions)

A successful acquisitions editor knows how to position, research, sell, and edit books. Knowing how to work effectively with authors and agents, being savvy about the book marketplace, and having strong editing skills in terms of content is critical to this role.

Production Editorial

A successful production editor knows how to manage bookmaking processes from start to finish on a set schedule while working on multiple projects at the same time. Knowing how to prioritize and communicate effectively, as well as adapt to challenges and changes, is key to this role. 

Design (Covers and Internals)

A successful designer at a book publishing company has the creative mind and technical skills to turn ideas into beautiful books. They will collaborate with other members of the design team, as needed, to work through challenges to get a book to print on time and ensure that each book is held to the same design standards.



A successful print buyer at a book publishing company has the necessary skills to enhance the value of our books by suggesting opportunities for improved packaging, while keeping an eye to the printing processes and expenses involved to keep the title on schedule to hit the publication date and helping to maintain a product’s overall budget.


A successful salesperson at a book publishing company has the ability to effectively build relationships, enthusiastically communicate about books, and strategically meet sales goals while foreseeing challenges and solving any issues that may surface.



A successful data team member at a book publishing company has the analytical, methodical, and creative mindset to effectively support the entire organization. The role encompasses a wide-variety of math, analytical information, and systems knowledge that is used to propel the business.

Human Resources

A human resources professional at a book publishing company will work with all departments within an organization in addition to external candidates interested in an open position. A successful person in this role should be highly motivated and committed to supporting all individuals. They should also thrive on fast-paced actions and include a blend of tactical and strategic skills for success.


Customer Experience

Customer experience is an important role. In many ways, this team is often the face of the company. When customers need support, they will communicate with the customer experience team. Therefore, it is critical to have positive interactions that enhance the customer relationship.


An accounting professional at a book publishing company will need to work with all departments within the organization as well as all external clients, including vendors, customers, and authors. A detailed, responsible, and trustworthy individual with an analytical mindset and the ability to be flexible would find success in this type of role. 


A fulfillment professional at a book publishing company will work with many departments within the organization, the warehouse, and major customers to ensure the timely and accurate release of books. An enthusiastic, determined, detail-oriented individual with an analytical mind and the ability to be flexible and agile would find success in this type of role.


Information Technology

In an IT role at a book publishing company, you'll work with a variety of technologies to support different aspects of the business, from accounting applications, networking, and running ecommerce platforms. Staff work across departments to support publishing efforts. While work is not always visible, IT often provides others with the tools and support needed to create and market books to the masses. To be successful, you'll need to continuously grow your skillset and stay current with emerging technologies. Have a forward-thinking mindset and an eye for streamlining and optimizing processes.

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