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Diane Melville

Diane Melville

Diane Melville is an experienced education professional and entrepreneur. She's spent years advocating for college financial aid reform and has over 4 years of experience as a private financial aid consultant. Diane's first company, ScholarPRO, sought to fix the private scholarship process by delivering scholarships using an online common application platform for scholarships. Since ScholarPRO, Diane has shifted focus towards community college reform. Diane attended Miami-Dade College's Honors College, a two-year program designed to make the transfer process efficient, and was accepted as a transfer student into the nation's top universities. She is working on a number of state and federal initiatives to provide more guidance for community college students. Diane has an A.A. in Biomedical Engineering from Miami-Dade College, a B.S. from Babson College in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and was a member of Harvard Business School's SVMP.

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