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Meet Our Authors

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Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac  Image
Greer Macallister
Greer Macallister  Image
Bruce Macbain
Bruce Macbain  Image
Rob MacGregor
Rob MacGregor  Image
D.J. MacHale
D.J. MacHale  Image
Edie MacKenzie
Edie MacKenzie  Image
Clare Mackintosh
Clare Mackintosh  Image
Richard MacLean Smith
Richard MacLean Smith  Image
Janice MacLeod
Janice MacLeod  Image
Coinneach MacLeod
Coinneach MacLeod  Image
Anna Madin
Anna Madin  Image
Juliet Madison
Juliet Madison  Image
Cindi Madsen
Cindi Madsen  Image
Nicole Maggi
Nicole Maggi  Image
Phil Maggitti
Phil Maggitti  Image
Joyce Magnin
Joyce Magnin  Image
Sandra Magsamen
Sandra Magsamen  Image
Eden Maguire
Eden Maguire  Image
Annelouise Mahoney
Annelouise Mahoney  Image
Richard Mainwaring
Richard Mainwaring  Image
Ashley Parlett Malec
Ashley Parlett Malec  Image
Tim Maleeny
Tim Maleeny  Image
Lisa Mallet
Lisa Mallet  Image
Lisa Mallett
Lisa Mallett  Image
Jane Mallison
Jane Mallison  Image
Carol L. Malnor
Carol L. Malnor  Image
Bruce Malnor
Bruce Malnor  Image
Michael Malone
Michael Malone  Image
Maria Malzone
Maria Malzone  Image
Jeffrey Manber
Jeffrey Manber  Image
Margery Mandell
Margery Mandell  Image
Connie Mann
Connie Mann  Image
Max Manning
Max Manning  Image
Craig Manning
Craig Manning  Image
Jill Mansell
Jill Mansell  Image
James J Mapes
James J Mapes  Image
Lillian Marek
Lillian Marek  Image
Margie & Jimbo
Margie & Jimbo  Image
Maria Marianayagam
Maria Marianayagam  Image
Adam Markel
Adam Markel  Image
James Markert
James Markert  Image
Stephen Markley
Stephen Markley  Image
Tony Marlow
Tony Marlow  Image
Elisabeth Marrou
Elisabeth Marrou  Image
Richard Marsh
Richard Marsh  Image
Natalie Marshall
Natalie Marshall  Image
Natalie Marshall
Natalie Marshall  Image
Kandace Martin
Kandace Martin  Image
Ralph G Martin
Ralph G Martin  Image
Christine Martin
Christine Martin  Image
Rosa Maria Martin
Rosa Maria Martin  Image
Louise Martin
Louise Martin  Image
Rena Martine
Rena Martine  Image
Maxym M. Martineau
Maxym M. Martineau  Image
Susan Martineau
Susan Martineau  Image
Teresa Martinez
Teresa Martinez  Image
Jennie Marts
Jennie Marts  Image
Liz Marvin
Liz Marvin  Image
David F. Marx
David F. Marx  Image
Estelle Maskame
Estelle Maskame  Image
Janeen Mason
Janeen Mason  Image
Margaret H. Mason
Margaret H. Mason  Image
Suzie Mason
Suzie Mason  Image
Jane Massey
Jane Massey  Image
Sarah Massini
Sarah Massini  Image
Nina Mata
Nina Mata  Image
Tamara Mataya
Tamara Mataya  Image
Adam Mathews
Adam Mathews  Image
Stacey Matson
Stacey Matson  Image
Vanessa Matte
Vanessa Matte  Image
Joanne Mattern
Joanne Mattern  Image
MJC Matthew
MJC Matthew  Image
Jeanne Matthews
Jeanne Matthews  Image
Chris Mattison
Chris Mattison  Image
Judith Matz LCSW
Judith Matz LCSW  Image
Catharina Maura
Catharina Maura  Image
Gareth May
Gareth May  Image
James May
James May  Image
Michael S. Maydak
Michael S. Maydak  Image
Eric Mayer
Eric Mayer  Image
James Mayhew
James Mayhew  Image
Frances Maynard
Frances Maynard  Image
Helen Maynard-Casely
Helen Maynard-Casely  Image
Melissa Mayntz
Melissa Mayntz  Image
Diana Mayo
Diana Mayo  Image
Gustavo Mazali
Gustavo Mazali  Image
Anna Mazzola
Anna Mazzola  Image
Laurie McBain
Laurie McBain  Image
Tom McBride
Tom McBride  Image
Bradie McCabe Hansen MA
Bradie McCabe Hansen MA  Image
Gillian McCain
Gillian McCain  Image
Glynis McCants
Glynis McCants  Image
Jenna McCarthy
Jenna McCarthy  Image
Cory McCarthy
Cory McCarthy  Image
John McCarthy
John McCarthy  Image
Robin McClure
Robin McClure  Image
Kathy McCoy PhD
Kathy McCoy PhD  Image
Tracy McCubbin
Tracy McCubbin  Image
David McCulloch
David McCulloch  Image
Amy McCulloch
Amy McCulloch  Image
Virginia McCullough
Virginia McCullough  Image
Trevor McCurdie
Trevor McCurdie  Image
Val McDermid
Val McDermid  Image
Jake McDonald
Jake McDonald  Image
Amanda McDonough
Amanda McDonough  Image
John McEvoy
John McEvoy  Image
Freida McFadden
Freida McFadden  Image
Claire McFall
Claire McFall  Image
Sheryl McFarlane
Sheryl McFarlane  Image
Jennifer McGaha
Jennifer McGaha  Image
Erin McGill
Erin McGill  Image
Patrick J. McGinnis
Patrick J. McGinnis  Image
Robert J McGovern
Robert J McGovern  Image
Martina McGowan
Martina McGowan  Image
Patrick B McGrath Ph.D.
Patrick B McGrath Ph.D.  Image
Jinks McGrath
Jinks McGrath  Image
Francis McGuckin
Francis McGuckin  Image
Emily McIntire
Emily McIntire  Image
Rebecca McKanna
Rebecca McKanna  Image
Kirsty McKay
Kirsty McKay  Image
Karen McKay
Karen McKay  Image
Aisling McKeefry
Aisling McKeefry  Image
Virginia McKenna
Virginia McKenna  Image
Shannon McKenna Schmidt
Shannon McKenna Schmidt  Image
Heath McKenzie
Heath McKenzie  Image
Lisa McKeon
Lisa McKeon  Image
Barbara Shaw McKinney
Barbara Shaw McKinney  Image
Alyson McLayne
Alyson McLayne  Image
Bec McMaster
Bec McMaster  Image
Michael McMillan
Michael McMillan  Image
Kristina McMorris
Kristina McMorris  Image
Kate McMurray
Kate McMurray  Image
Frank McNair
Frank McNair  Image
Ali McNamara
Ali McNamara  Image
Legs McNeil
Legs McNeil  Image
Alison McQueen
Alison McQueen  Image
Brette McWhorter Sember Attorney at Law
Brette McWhorter Sember Attorney at Law  Image
Lily Meade
Lily Meade  Image
Kristin Meekhof L.M.S.W.
Kristin Meekhof L.M.S.W.  Image
John Mehno
John Mehno  Image
Judy Melinek MD
Judy Melinek MD  Image
David Melling
David Melling  Image
Ken Mellor
Ken Mellor  Image
Elizabeth Mellor
Elizabeth Mellor  Image
Laura Krauss Melmed
Laura Krauss Melmed  Image
Rachel Meltzer Warren MS, RD
Rachel Meltzer Warren MS, RD  Image
Diane Melville
Diane Melville  Image
Alan Melville
Alan Melville  Image
Francis Melville
Francis Melville  Image
Simon Mendez
Simon Mendez  Image
Dana Mentink
Dana Mentink  Image
Anne Meredith
Anne Meredith  Image
Anna Meriano
Anna Meriano  Image
Jane Merrill
Jane Merrill  Image
Richard Merritt
Richard Merritt  Image
C. Mesturini
C. Mesturini  Image
Jamie Metzl
Jamie Metzl  Image
Gail Meyer Rolka
Gail Meyer Rolka  Image
Estelí Meza
Estelí Meza  Image
Shari Mezrah
Shari Mezrah  Image
KJ Micciche
KJ Micciche  Image
Olive Michaels
Olive Michaels  Image
Mary Miché
Mary Miché  Image
Elizabeth Michels
Elizabeth Michels  Image
Jenny Milchman
Jenny Milchman  Image
Jackie Lee Miles
Jackie Lee Miles  Image
Keith Miles
Keith Miles  Image
Louise Millar
Louise Millar  Image
Robin Miller
Robin Miller  Image
Linsey Miller
Linsey Miller  Image
Esao Millet
Esao Millet  Image
Jocelyn Millet
Jocelyn Millet  Image
Wendy Howell Mills
Wendy Howell Mills  Image
Dick Mills
Dick Mills  Image
Stephen Miltz
Stephen Miltz  Image
Wayne Miltz
Wayne Miltz  Image
Ken Min
Ken Min  Image
Dorian Mintzer M.S.W., Ph.D
Dorian Mintzer M.S.W., Ph.D  Image
Jenny Miriam
Jenny Miriam  Image
Jacob Mnookin
Jacob Mnookin  Image
Joshua Moehling
Joshua Moehling  Image
Kees Moerbeek
Kees Moerbeek  Image
Laura Moher
Laura Moher  Image
Maria Mola
Maria Mola  Image
Karen Moline
Karen Moline  Image
Chris Monahan
Chris Monahan  Image
Ada Moncrieff
Ada Moncrieff  Image
Katrina Monroe
Katrina Monroe  Image
Andrea Montalbano
Andrea Montalbano  Image
Susan Montanari
Susan Montanari  Image
L. M. Montgomery
L. M. Montgomery  Image
Manu Montoya
Manu Montoya  Image
Susan Moody
Susan Moody  Image
Jo Moon
Jo Moon  Image
Edward Mooney, Jr.
Edward Mooney, Jr.  Image
Paul Moorcraft
Paul Moorcraft  Image
Mary K Moore
Mary K Moore  Image
Matt Moore
Matt Moore  Image
Kate Moore
Kate Moore  Image
Bryce Moore
Bryce Moore  Image
Sofia Moore
Sofia Moore  Image
Gareth Moore
Gareth Moore  Image
Ian Moore
Ian Moore  Image
Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Jennifer Moore-Mallinos  Image
Julissa Mora
Julissa Mora  Image
Morena Morena
Morena Morena  Image
Tamara Morgan
Tamara Morgan  Image
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan  Image
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan  Image
Margaret Morgan
Margaret Morgan  Image
Richard Morgan
Richard Morgan  Image
Richela Fabian Morgan
Richela Fabian Morgan  Image
Robin Morgan-Bentley
Robin Morgan-Bentley  Image
Sarah Morgenthaler
Sarah Morgenthaler  Image
Dr. Karen Morley
Dr. Karen Morley  Image
September Morn
September Morn  Image
David Morrell
David Morrell  Image
David Morrell
David Morrell  Image
JacLynn Morris M.Ed.
JacLynn Morris M.Ed.  Image
Ting Morris
Ting Morris  Image
Cathy Morrison
Cathy Morrison  Image
Rachel Morrisroe
Rachel Morrisroe  Image
Bridget Morrissey
Bridget Morrissey   Image
Lori Mortensen
Lori Mortensen  Image
Elizabeth Moss
Elizabeth Moss  Image
David Moss
David Moss  Image
John Moss
John Moss  Image
Dora Levy Mossanen
Dora Levy Mossanen  Image
John Muir
John Muir  Image
Adrian Muller
Adrian Muller  Image
John Mullin
John Mullin  Image
Darrell Mullis
Darrell Mullis  Image
Diana Muñoz Stewart
Diana Muñoz Stewart  Image
Anna Clariana Muntada
Anna Clariana Muntada  Image
Georgia Murch
Georgia Murch  Image
David Murphy
David Murphy  Image
John J. Murphy
John J. Murphy  Image
Diana Murray
Diana Murray  Image
Vasudev Murthy
Vasudev Murthy  Image
Kelly Mustian
Kelly Mustian   Image
Beverle Myers
Beverle Myers  Image
Tim Myers
Tim Myers  Image
Socar Myles
Socar Myles  Image
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