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The Kingmaking

Book One of the Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy

Published: March 2009
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"Compelling, convincing, and—ultimately—unforgettable."—Sharon Kay Penman, Bestselling Author of Devil's Blood

Who was THE MAN
Who became THE LEGEND
We know as KING ARTHUR?

"You are the Pendragon, rightful Lord of Dumnonia and the Summer Land; Lord of less Britain. By all that is right, you ought be seated where Vortigern sits...You ought to be King."

Here lies the truth of the Lord of the Summer Land.

This is the tale of Arthur flesh and bone. Of the shaping of the man, both courageous and flawed, into the celebrated ruler who inspired armies, who captured Gwenhyfar's heart, and who emerged as the hero of the Dark Ages and the most enduring hero of all time.

This is the unexpected story of the making of a king — the legend who united all of Britain.

Praise for The Kingmaking:
"If only all historical fiction could be this good."—Historical Novels Review
"Helen Hollick has it all. She tells a great story…"— Bernard Cornwell
"Hollick's interpretation is bold, affecting, and well worth fighting to defend." —Publishers Weekly

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
"I found myself drawn back to the text anytime I put it down, anxious to read further, to discover what happened" — A Hoyden's Look at Literature
"Hollick's complex character development, plot pacing, and attention to historical details while any afficianado of Athurian legend should appreciate this original vision of the myth. This is first-rate writing, indeed." — A Reader's Respite
"A fast-paced, action-packed start to one of the best Arthurian series written." — Book Loons
"This book was both educational and entertaining." — Books Ahoy!
"The realistic treatment of the subject matter is what sets this book apart. " — Books are my only friends
"A story of human love, hatred, loyalty, betrayal, war and politics." — Carla Nayland's Blog
"Most impressive of all is Hollick's ability to lose the reader in her craft of storytelling. Scenes come alive, jumping off the page and engaging the reader. " — Carpe Libris Reviews
"Readers who enjoy historical romance with a hefty dollop of warfare stirred into a setting of barbaric splendor will find much to relish." — Historical Novels Book Review
"A complex story full of intrigue, drama, emotion, and more, I was swept away by the story as Ms. Hollick brought this legendary figure to life." — Jennifer's Random Musings
"I found Helen Hollick's more realistic approach to this beloved legend refreshing and eye-opening." — Library Queue
"Helen Hollick has made it pretty clear that she's thrown out the Arthurian legends and attempted to re-imagine this as it really would have been, using the original Welsh poems. I think that's awesome. " — Medieval Bookworm
"Hollick has a deep understanding and love of her characters — and one of the most exciting parts about reading the novel is that you can never guess what's going to happen next. Hollick does a tremendous job of keeping the story unpredictable. " — Medieval History, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Writing Fiction
"I happened to really enjoy The KingMaking and look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy. Grade A+." — Musings of a Bibliophile
"Lots of darkness, fighting, betrayal and war...all the great elements of historical fiction." — My Friend Amy
"The Kingmaking was a fabulous novel, hard to put down and Helen Hollick's writing is fantastic." — Passages to the Past
"Helen Hollick's writing is fantastic and the story is enthralling. " — Peeking Between the Pages
"With Hollick's imagination, knowledge and apparent passion, the author pulls the reader into the whirl of life, warring, revenge, loyalty and love. " — Reading Extravaganza
"If you're looking for an engrossing Dark Ages tale with action and romance or you'd simply like to take another look at the legend of Arthur I highly recommend this book! " — RhiReading
"The Kingmaking was an amazing read that any fan of historical fiction will enjoy, even those unfamiliar with Arthurian lore. Despite its size, readers will race through the novel, eager to discover what happens to Arthur and Gwenhwyfar. The only disappointment comes in the fact that it ends." — S. Krishna's Books
"It is a journey filled with blood and battles, love and redemption, and so many other things that make up a great novel. I mean this is historical fiction at its' best and I was entranced." — Sam's Book Blog
"If readers are engaged by books with intrigue, battles, and strategy, this novel will not disappoint." — Savvy Verse and Wit
"Hollick's writing is smooth and beautiful. She seamlessly transports her readers back to the Dark Ages." — So Many Precious Books, So Little Time
"I liked the depiction of the characters daily lives in a down to earth way, the familiar family dramas such as sibling rivalry and the conflicts between paganism, Christianity and the monarchy. " — Susan's Art and Words
"If you are looking for an engaging read with great characters and plot, plenty of backstabbing and a dash of romance, you will enjoy this book. " — The Bookworm
"Here you will find rich, multi-layered characters, breathtaking drama and aching sadness. A complex, compelling story and a refreshing look at the origins of a legend." — The Tome Traveller
"The writing in these books is engaging and occasionally funny. " — We Be Reading
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