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The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy

Published: October 2009
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A sexy, bold adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that re-paints favorite characters in twenty-first century colors

Judge Fitzwilliam Darcy, a legal expert on both sides of the Atlantic, is ready to hang up his black robe and return to the life of a country gentleman—until he meets Elizabeth Bennet, a fresh-faced attorney with a hectic schedule and no time for the sexy but haughty judge.

Tempers and sparks fly in Judge Darcy's courtroom— and outside, in a series of chance encounters that give each of them pause—as the two match wits and try to fight their overwhelming attraction. When they meet up in England at an international law conference, they embark on a hot, heavy affair. Back in the States, though, ethical considerations intrude, and each is subjected to a torturous period of soul-searching before they can find their way back to each other...

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.75 in x 7.75 in
  • Pages: 352
"[D]elicious! It is finger-licking, lip smacking, delicious... definitely my favorite modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice to date." — A Bibliophile's Bookshelf
"One of the best contemporary Austen re-tellings I've read. " — A Hoyden's Look at Literature
"An excessively diverting entertainment you won't want to miss." — AustenProse
"A delightfully romantic and passionate journey of Darcy and Lizzy." — Austenesque Reviews
"A modern Lizzy and a modern Darcy falling in love in their own modern way. " — Books Like Breathing
"Absolutely delightful." — I Just Finished
"The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy was a delightful and enjoyable read with romance, humor, misunderstandings, passion and chemistry." — Mom - Musings
"The modern spin Angelini gives to the [Pride and Prejudice] characters and the plot makes the novel a quick, fun read. " — Savvy Verse & Wit
"Completely enchanted... the book girl gives The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy by Sara Angelini a 4/5!" — The Book Girl
"The writing is witty and the characters and story line are so well developed." — Trying Our Best
"A very fun, modern day adaptation of the classic Pride and Prejudice characters." — Wendi's Book Corner
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