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The Passionate Brood

A Novel of Richard the Lionheart and the Man Who Became Robin Hood

Published: October 2010
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A Spirited Retelling of King Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade

"Margaret Campbell Barnes has been one of the most reliable of England’s historical novelists.” —Chicago Tribune

In this compelling novel of love, loyalty, and lost chances, Margaret Campbell Barnes gives readers a new perspective on Richard the Lionheart’s triumphs and tragedies. Drawing on folklore, Barnes explores what might have happened if King Richard’s foster brother were none other than Robin Hood, a legendary figure more vibrant than most in authentic history. Thick as thieves as Richard builds a kingdom and marshals a crusade, the two clash when Robin Hood so provokes the king’s white hot temper that Richard banishes him. The Passionate Brood is a tale of a man driven to win back the Holy Land, beset by the guilt of casting out his childhood friend, and shouldering the burden of being the lionhearted leader of the Plantagenets.

Praise for Margaret Campbell Barnes

“Barnes vividly depicts Anne’s hopes and fears in an age where royal marriages were brokered like a cattle fair, and beheading could befall even a Queen.” —Publishers Weekly on Brief Gaudy Hour

“Rich in detail and flows beautifully, letting readers escape into Anne’s court and country life. It is a must read for those who love exploring the dynamic relationships of Henry VIII and his wives.”—Historical Novels Review on My Lady of Cleves

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
"I loved that the author has mixed history with folklore. Brilliant and rich in detail." — Anna's Book Blog
"A wonderful example of Margaret Campbell Barnes' writing." — BookLoons.com
"Timeless... The writing style is very easy and fluid and I found myself quite lost in time." — Broken Teepee
"All of these characters, fictional or otherwise, tell the story of the young Plantagenets, their success and failures, their triumphs and tragedies. This is another great novel by Margaret Campbell Barnes and one that I enjoyed immensely." — Celtic Lady's Reviews
"The author has taken a story that has been retold many times and made it seem fresh and appealing to a new generation." — Debbie's Book Bag
"I really enjoyed how Barnes worked the legend of Robin Hood realistically into Richard's reign. It all made sense and flowed completely naturally from both Richard and Robin's characters." — Devourer of Books
"A rollicking good read." — Historical Tapstery
"Barnes' research is in-depth and factually accurate and very relevant. The fictional elements are weaved throughout her story very carefully." — Luxury Reading
"Well-written with many details, depth and history." — My Book Addiction and More
"This book holds true to the genre with jousting, warring, and using women as pawns to power. " — Palmer's Picks for Reading
"Barnes' writing style is smooth which makes for a quick read." — Passages to the Past
"I enjoyed the depth of the writing... a fine romantic, historical fiction." — Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf
"A brilliant work of historical fiction... a thrilling and fast paced novel, which brings together history with folklore to create an exceptional book." — Rundpinne
"Campbell Barnes stays true to the era, 1189-1199, and gives the reader a real sense of history and the times the characters are living in. " — She Read a Book
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