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The Last Confession


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Vlad: The Last Confession is a novel about the real man behind the Bram Stoker myth. It tells of the Prince, the warrior, the lover, the torturer, the survivor and, ultimately, the hero.

Dracula. A name of horror, depravity and the darkest sensuality. Yet the real Dracula was just as alluring, just as terrifying, his tale not one of a monster but of a man…and a contradiction.

His tale is told by those who knew him best. The only woman he ever loved…and whom he has to sacrifice. His closest comrade… and traitor. And his priest, betraying the secrets of the confessional to reveal the mind of the man history would forever remember as The Impaler.

This is the story of the man behind the legend … as it has never been told before.

"Trust nothing that you've heard."
Winter 1431, a son is born to the Prince of Transylvania.
His father christened him "Vlad."
His people knew him as "The Dragon's Son."
His enemies reviled him as "Tepes"—The Impaler.
He became the hero of a nation.
We know him as Dracula.

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 6 in x 9 in
  • Pages: 416

About the Author

Chris (C.C.) Humphreys is an actor, playwright, fight choreographer and novelist.  He has written nine historical fiction novels including The French Executioner, runner up for the CWA Steel Dagger for Thrillers; Vlad — The Last Confession,  the epic novel of the real Dracula; and A Place Called Armageddon. His latest YA novel is The Hunt of the Unicorn. His work has been translated into thirteen languages. Find out more about him on his website: http://cchumphreys.com

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