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Her Highness, the Traitor

June 2012 9781402265587

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A daughter can be a dangerous weapon in the battle for the throne of England

Frances Grey harbored no dream of her children taking the throne. Cousin of the king, she knew the pitfalls of royalty and privilege. Better to marry them off, marry them well, perhaps to a clan like the Dudleys.

Jane Dudley knew her husband was creeping closer to the throne, but someone had to take charge, for the good of the country. She couldn't see the twisted path they all would follow.

The never–before–told story of the women behind the crowning of Jane Grey, this novel is a captivating peek at ambition gone awry, and the damage left in its wake.

Praise for Susan Higginbotham's Novels

"Susan Higginbotham transports her readers into a vividly portrayed past."—Helen Hollick, author of The Pendragon's Banner trilogy

"Susan Higginbotham draws the reader under her spell...she brings the dead to life."—Christy English, author of The Queen's Pawn, praise for The Stolen Crown

"A beautiful blending of turbulent history and deeply felt fiction...Higginbotham has given readers of historical fiction a gift to treasure."—Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of The Irish Princess, praise for The Queen of Last Hopes

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 6 in x 9 in
  • Pages: 336
"Higginbotham brings the court to life, including vividly described costumes and customs, while producing a fresh view of the people closest to the top in those turbulent times. Fans of her earlier work or that of Philippa Gregory will enjoy this story about the women of position in an age ruled almost entirely by men." — Booklist
"Higginbotham has done an excellent job of wading through those myths and half-truths, presenting a balanced, well-rounded case for what might really have happened, all lightly seasoned here and there with Higginbotham's sense of humor" — At Home with a Good Book and the Cat
"The writing was engaging and like I said before, it was nice to see it through the eyes of these two women, who give the facts colour with their love for their husbands and children. Definitely recommended for historical fiction lovers like me!" — Between the Pages
"Susan Higginbotham is one of the best accessible historical fiction authors out there and will soon be well known for very enjoyable and well-researched novels." — Burton Book Review
" Flawless, compelling storytelling" — Crickhollow Books
"Author Susan Higginbotham's take on the tale is one of the most complete, most polished, and most well-told versions of the Jane Grey story I've ever read. Not only is Higginbothan an incredibly gifted writer and researcher, but her approach to the subject is unlike any others I've read. " — Diary of a Book Addict
"Higginbotham magnificently weaves together the events leading up to the disinheritance of two royal princesses and the coronation of a young girl more to devoted to books and prayer." — Fresh Fiction
"Fans of the era will enjoy this engaging entry filled with plenty of tidbits from the period between the two Tudor ruling giants" — Genre Go Round Reviews
"This novel will be published in June of 2012. Add it to your TBR list! It's a must read. " — Layered Pages
"This is a story I would not only recommend to readers of this review but people I personally know and I plan on encouraging them to read this story. It's that good." — Long and Short Reviews
"This is the quick rise and quick fall of Jane Grey like it's never been depicted before - readers of Tudor historical fiction should download a copy before the day is much older!" — Open Letters Monthly
"Susan Higginbotham's Her Highness, the Traitor, is what great historical fiction should always be." — PaperBack Swap Blog
"Susan's very true to her historical detail. I never fail to come away from one of her books having immensely enjoyed her writing, her story, and most of all that I've learned more about that vast world of history out there so thank you for that Susan!" — Peeking Between the Pages
"I enjoyed this one. Definitely recommended." — Readin and Dreamin
"In Her Highness, the Traitor, Susan Higginbotham turns the story of Jane's short life into a fascinating novel." — Shelf Awareness
"Overall, this was a great book with a unique story and I think any fan of historical fiction will enjoy it." — So Many Books, So Little Time
"This is another winning historical fiction novel by Susan Higginbotham! I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next!" — So Many Precious Books, So Little Time
"Well written and engaging" — Tanzanite's Castle Full of Books
"Susan Higginbotham really managed to bring history to life with Her Highness, the Traitor and I loved seeing the 'villains' of history from another perspective." — The Broke and The Bookish
"I feel that the author did a very good job of making these women their own and really getting the reader to care about them. " — The Maiden's Court
"Her Highness, the Traitor is definitely a journey of a book and a heartfelt one at that." — The Musings Of Almybnenr
"Higginbotham's idea of telling the story through the eyes of these women is a wonderful way of bringing these events and characters to life. You feel you're there with them and you cannot help but be moved by the events as they unfold." — The Tudor Book Reviews
"This is my first Susan Higginbotham novel, and I look forward to more of her historical narratives." — jaffareadstoo....
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