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The Young Clementina

July 2013 9781402274718

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Love, Loss, and Love Again...

Charlotte Dean enjoys nothing more than the solitude of her London flat and the monotonous days of her work at a travel bookshop. But when her younger sister unceremoniously bursts into her quiet life one afternoon, Charlotte's world turns topsy-turvy.

Beloved author D.E. Stevenson captures the intricacies of post-World War I England with a light, comic touch that perfectly embodies the spirit of the time. Alternatively heartbreaking and witty, The Young Clementina is a touch tale of love, loss, and redemption through friendship.

The Young Clementina is another heartwarming tale from D.E. Stevenson, beloved author of Miss Buncle’s Book

Readers love The Young Clementina:

"Immensely enjoyable. As usual when I finish a novel by D.E. Stevenson, I cannot wipe the happy contented smile off my face."

"A heartwarming story of love, lost and found...Lots of tears and happiness.”

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.25 in x 8 in
  • Pages: 352
"The Young Clementina was surprisingly engaging and wonderful." — Christy's Books
"A good, old fashioned romance, nicely plotted and smartly executed." — Fleur In her World
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