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The Forgotten Seamstress

May 2014 9781402282485

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"An intriguing patchwork of past and present, upstairs and downstairs, hope and despair."—Daisy Goodwin, New York Times bestselling author of The American Heiress

A moving story of two women tied together by an heirloom despite the decades that separate their times in England, The Forgotten Seamstress quilts layers of history into one astonishing mystery.

In the early 20th century, Maria knows that, as a shy girl with no family, she's lucky to have landed in the sewing room of the royal household. Before World War I casts its shadow, she catches the eye of the glamorous and intense Prince of Wales. But her life takes a far darker turn, and soon all she has left is a fantastical story about her time at Buckingham Palace.

Decades later, Caroline Meadows discovers a beautiful quilt in her mother's attic. When she can't figure out the meaning of the message embroidered into its lining, she embarks on a quest to reveal its mystery, a puzzle that only seems to grow more important to her own heart. As Caroline pieces together the secret history of the quilt, she comes closer and closer to the truth about Maria.

Page-turning and heartbreaking, The Forgotten Seamstress stitches together past and present in an unforgettable quilt of English historical fiction perfect for fans of Jennifer Chiaverini and Pam Jenoff.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 in x 8.25 in
  • Pages: 336
"Weaving together Caroline's and Maria's journeys, Trenow meticulously stitches each piece of this engrossing story into a unified—and heartwarming—whole." — Kirkus Reviews
"The two narratives are seamlessly woven together, forming a heartrending tapestry of tragedy and resilience." — Booklist
"A beautiful and captivating dual-time story..." — 100 Pages a Day...Stephanie's Book Reviews
"A page-turner with eye-opening details about the conditions of mental hospitals in the 20th century, as well as the provenance of royal fabrics, the art of quilting, and the vagaries of modern interior design." — Publishers Weekly
"Liz Trenow clearly did her research into this and it provides for a rather interesting aspect to include in the story line. Coupled with the details about quilting and sewing and I was utterly fascinated." — Always With a Book
"It was a mystery to be solved and the ending was a good one. I enjoyed the book." — Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell
"THE FORGOTTEN SEAMSTRESS was a wonderful book with memorable characters and brilliant descriptions of quilts and quilt-making. Highly recommended!" — Book of Secrets
"By far one of the best historical/contemporary blend novels I've read, with an intriguing mystery, clear prose, a unique historical setting and excellent characterization. Particularly recommended to fans of historical fiction, quilting and/or dual storylines. " — Bookfoolery
"Liz Trenow has written an interesting novel that explores the scandal of the many lives buried away in the time period where women whose truth was inconvenient were hidden away against their will... This book is recommended for readers of historical fiction." — Booksie's Blog
"This seamlessly written tale is one that lovers of sewing could enjoy, if you don't find your heart breaking with the story itself." — Buried Under Romance
"Told with attention to historical detail and including lush descriptions of the quilt and its fabrics, this is a story that will be long remembered. " — Cayocosta72
"Because relationships are complicated, and lives can be sad, it's fitting that the book doesn't end with absolutely everything happily ever after. " — Craft Knife
"THE FORGOTTEN SEAMSTRESS was one of the most addicting reads for me in a long while...with delicate needles and thread of strong and beautiful silk, she stitches characters whose lives become part of the pattern in this book." — Fresh Fiction
"Liz Trenow weaves past and present together to paint a captivating story...I love how we see this story unfold through the context of a quilt." — Fresh Fiction
"I definitely recommend this wonderful story. The ending alone left me with such a good feeling. I know that this will make it into my top 10 of 2014. " — From The TBR File
"You do not have to be a quilter, however, to be drawn into the stories of these two women. The book is ultimately about people, our memories, and the lengths we will go to in order to protect ourselves and each other. It's a compelling read, and I highly recommend this book." — Historical Novel Society
"Loved Loved Loved It, but be forewarned...it's heartbreaking." — Libby's Library
"The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow was one of those books you forcefully had to yank me away from, as its riveting and heartrending story held me captive from cover to cover: its brilliant execution pleased me to no end." — Mina's Bookshelf
"The Forgotten Seamstress is a wonderful heart-tugging read...This is an awesome work of historical fiction and not to be missed! " — Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick
"It's an incredible novel that I will never forget. It was a heart wrenching read that will completely captivate you." — Passages to the Past
"The characters are strong, caring and well developed, and the descriptions of the handmade quilts will appeal to those who also have passion for quilting. Trenow has written a spellbinding story that will keep readers up late to find out what happens next. " — RT Book Reviews
"This is a very tender story told from two perspectives, in two different time periods. The pieces of the story fall together like a great puzzle. It definitely tugs at your heartstrings." — Radiant Light
"If you're a fan of Downton Abbey, you'll fall under the spell of this book, too. It has a twisty romance, an intriguing puzzle, and memorable characters. Tidbits about quilting and textiles are sprinkled through the pages...it's one of the best novels I've read this year." — Rattlebridge Farm
"A beautiful and captivating dual-time story that takes you back and forth between 1910 and 2008." — Stephanie's Book Reviews
"Sewers, quilters, and lovers of women's fiction will love how this tale is woven together. The Forgotten Seamstress leaves you behind with notable characters and a beautiful tale you will be wanting to read again and again." — The Blessed Homemaker
"This is a beautiful story, told in an unusual but engaging way...overall this book makes me want to find out more about both the May Silks and the secret messages in quilts." — The Good, The Bad and The Unread
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