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Fatal Scores

A Private Investigation Mystery

Published: March 2021
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A river gives up its dead, but not its secrets...

Sam Blackman and Nakayla Robertson, private investigators in Asheville, North Carolina, are hired when a local environmentalist dies while monitoring water quality in the nearby Pigeon River. With no soil or water samples found near the body, his widow doesn't believe his death was an accident.

In fact, witnesses reported a public altercation between the environmentalist and local mill heir Luke Kirkpatrick just two days prior. Could Luke or his father, Ted, have committed murder to secure their proposed business expansion? Meanwhile, preparations for a local festival suffer violent setbacks, and the investigators worry the events are related. Can Sam and Nakayla identify the killer and serve justice before Asheville is threatened once again?

The eighth book featuring Private Investigators Blackman and Robertson, Fatal Scores, is a timely mystery perfect for fans private eyes and anyone with a taste for regional history.

Blackman Agency Investigations:
Blackman's Coffin
The Fitzgerald Ruse?
The Sandburg Connection
Murder in Passing

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 36
  • Series: Blackman Agency Investigations , Book 8

"Solid eighth mystery... the complex plot builds to a satisfying conclusion. Series fans will be pleased." — Publishers Weekly

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