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Matters of Doubt

A Cal Claxton Mystery


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Cal Claxton is determined to reinvent himself as a small town lawyer in the aftermath of his wife's suicide. Once a hard-charging L.A. prosecutor, he now lives in his "Aerie"—an old farmhouse overlooking the Oregon wine country. When a scruffy, tattooed kid shows up asking for help in solving his mother's cold case murder, Cal wants to say no. But the kid, who calls himself Picasso, has ridden a bike from Portland, and something about his determination touches Cal.

It turns out that Picasso is a gifted artist and one of the legion of street kids who are drawn to Portland's Old Town. Cal accepts Picasso as a client, but things quickly turn ugly when Picasso is charged with the murder of his mother's former boyfriend, a major business figure. Suddenly Cal finds himself back in the game, pitted against the police, the media, a right-wing shock jock, a Russian cage fighter, and some of Portland's most powerful citizens—upstanding and lowdown.

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 in x 8.50 in
  • Pages: 336

About the Author

Formerly a research scientist and international business executive, award-winning author Warren C. Easley lives in Oregon where he writes fiction, tutors GED students, fly fishes, and skis. Easley is the author of the Cal Claxton Oregon Mysteries. He received a Kay Snow National Award for fiction in 2012 and was named the Northwest's Up and Coming Author in 2017, both honors bestowed by Willamette Writers. His fifth book, Blood for Wine, was shortlisted for a Nero Award.
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