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One Day You'll Burn

Published: February 2020
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"A brilliant first novel. Joseph Schneider's contemporary writing evokes some of Hollywood's most classic crime stories, from Chinatown to LA Confidential."—Dick Wolf, creator of Law & Order

An incredible debut from up-and-coming author Joseph Schneider. Detective Tully Jarsdel may not be a typical Los Angeles cop—but he's the only one who can solve this case

A body so badly burned that it could be mistaken for a movie prop... except for the smell. That's not something California law enforcement finds lying on the street every day. And when Detective Tully Jarsdel is called to the scene, it's clear to him that something about the placement of the corpse is intentional, even ritualistic. Jarsdel isn't a classic noir detective, but his former career in academia seems to finally be coming in handy, rather than serving as material for jokes from his partner, Morales.

But nothing Jarsdel learned in school can prepare him for the deep evil behind this case, which appears to be as hopeless as it is violent. As Jarsdel and Morales attempt to settle their differences and uncover the motive behind the horrendous crime, they find themselves dragged into the underbelly of a city notorious for chewing up and spitting out anyone dumb enough to turn their back on survival.

One Day You'll Burn is a shimmering debut that captures the glitz and squalor of Los Angeles while introducing an unforgettable detective readers will rank among the best in the genre.

The first in the LAPD Detective Jarsdel series, this detective mystery is:
  • For readers who love murder mysteries and police procedurals
  • Perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and Lawrence Block
  • For fans of the T.V. series Bones and C.S.I
  • Product Details

    • Paperback
    • Case Count: 40
    • Series: LAPD Detective Tully Jarsdel Mysteries , Book 1

    "Schneider's debut enlivens the police procedural with offbeat characters and an appealingly complex hero." — Kirkus Reviews

    "The solid debut police procedural is an homage to Hollywood and its history, with descriptive details of corners of Hollywood, classic films, and even traffic jams. The atmospheric mystery introduces a fascinating new detective who will appeal to fans of Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch" — Library Journal

    "ONE DAY YOU'LL BURN... stars a memorable character who you will want to see more of very soon." — Booklist

    "There's a lot of good detective work and excellent characterization in this debut procedural that features one of the most original heroes to come out of the genre in a long while. " — Criminal Element

    "Under its Poisoned Press imprint, Sourcebooks packs a debut police procedural from Joseph Schneider that dips into the grotesque and bizarre, while walking through what at first seems like ordinary Los Angeles life. LAPD Detective Tully Jarsdel, a former academic who's not yet trusted by his colleagues, snags a case that hangs on both a screenplay and some of the most twisted tortures of the past — the LONG past (think Greek mythos, even). Jarsdel himself, protagonist of a promised series, is a surprisingly sweet guy who tangles in an affectionate way with one of the crime victims along his path — made miserable and lonely by the work of a serial pet killer who strikes during the weddings of the pet owners. ONE DAY YOU'LL BURN is a grim title and threatens horrendous torture along the way, but includes a lot of pure LA "camp" with a lot of film fun — and I couldn't put it down. I kept hoping Jarsdel might prove himself and "get the girl" at the same time. There's even a moment when "He now knew, in painstaking detail, how G —- had died." But instead there's a highly satsifying and grim ending ahead. Make room on the bookshelf for the sequels" — Kingdom Books

    " Fans of James Ellroy or Raymond Chandler will enjoy the vibe of One Day You'll Burn, the first in a projected series. " — Shelf Awareness

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