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Somebody to Love

Count Your Blessings with this Emotional Southern Small Town Romance Between a Veteran Hero and the Girl He Used to Love

Published: February 2021
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Welcome to Blessings, Georgia! Whether you've lived here your whole life, you're returning after years of being away, or you're new in town, you're sure to find the love in a small town happy ending you're looking for.

Fifteen years ago, a family member stole the money Hunt Knox had saved for college, while three of his siblings and his father hid the truth and told him to get over it. Betrayed by their lies and thievery, Hunt joined the army and wound up flying Apache helicopters in Iraq. Now, he's a chopper pilot for an oil company in Houston, Texas, his father has been dead for six years, and he's finally returning home to Blessings at his mother's dying request.

Ava Ridley, the little girl Hunt's mother used to babysit, has grown up and is a nurse at his mother's bedside when he arrives. Ava is overjoyed to see him. She had a huge crush on him when she was young. And as the two spend more time together, Ava's crush grows to be even more.

Through secrets, lies, family betrayal, and difficult choices, Hunt's not sure he and Ava can make it together in Blessings. But everybody loves somebody, and Hunt isn't willing to lose the one person who makes their small town feel like his forever home.

Grab some sweet tea and sit awhile: This sweet contemporary romance has family betrayal, childhood crushes, a veteran hero, and a second chance to get everything right.

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  • Mass Paperback
  • Case Count: 52
  • Series: Blessings, Georgia , Book 11
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