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Four For A Boy

Published: September 2011
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Nominee, Bruce Alexander History Mystery Award
Best Little Known Series, Booklist

It's unnaturally cold in Constantinople this winter of 525. The Emperor Justin is dying, and Theodora, the ambitious former actress his gravely ill successor Justinian intends to marry, is making demands in the imperial court.

When a wealthy philanthropist is killed in broad daylight in the Great Church, it isn't entirely surprising that Justinian engages an anonymous young slave called John to investigate what many believe could be a conspiracy aimed at swaying the succession. Suspects are many among those whose lives might be touched by an emperor: senators, churchmen, wealthy businessmen, even laborers, beggars, and prostitutes.

In this prequel to the series, John takes his first dangerous steps along the path toward freedom from slavery and his eventual appointment as Lord Chamberlain.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
"Written with humor and pathos, this superior historical is sure to please existing fans and send new ones in search of the rest of the series." — Publishers Weekly STARRED Review
"The authors aren't professional historians, but their historical mysteries are sharper, more realistic, and certainly more enjoyable than many written by professionals...This installment of the series is as devilishly convoluted as its predecessors, and fans will relish the extra thrill of seeing how John was launched on the career that eventually finds him working as Justinian's Lord Chamberlain. At some point, every great series needs an "origin story," and this one's a real corker." — Booklist STARRED Review
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