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Every Bone a Prayer

Published: August 2020
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"Bears within its pages striking beauty and strangeness in equal measure ... a book like Every Bone A Prayer exists in the space between author and reader so viscerally that you can almost hear crawdad shells crunch, wood splinter, and bones groan. And its heart? That is threaded carefully through its pages. It reveals itself slowly, within the book's many layers." — NPR

"This is the kind of book we need to set literary expectations for a new decade. It's so textured, so layered with love and so wonderfully terrifying, intimate and magical."—Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy: An American Memoir

Misty's holler looks like any of the thousands of hollers that fork through the Appalachian Mountains. But Misty knows her home is different. She may be only ten, but she hears things. Even the crawdads in the creek have something to say, if you listen.

All that Misty's sister Penny wants to talk about are the strange objects that start appearing outside their trailer. The grown-ups mutter about sins and punishment, but that doesn't scare Misty. Not like the hurtful thing that's been happening to her, the hurtful thing that is becoming part of her. Ever since her neighbor William cornered her in the barn, she must figure out how to get back to the Misty she was before — the Misty who wasn't afraid to listen.

This is the story of one tough-as-nails girl whose choices are few but whose fight is boundless, as her coping becomes a battle cry for everyone around her. Written by a survivor of sexual abuse, Every Bone a Prayer is a beautifully honest exploration of healing and of hope.

Praise for Every Bone a Prayer:
Haunting and healing, Every Bone A Prayer is a powerful debut that will leave its mark on readers' hearts.— Kim Michele Richardson, New York Times bestselling author of The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

"Ashley Blooms sings in an authentic mountain voice…Like a hawk over a hollow, Blooms both soars and sees all."—Andy Duncan, author of An Agent of Utopia

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 30

"In this haunting debut novel, Blooms makes a mystical exploration of the hidden power that lies within and the strategies assault survivors can undertake to regain a feeling of ownership over body and mind." — Booklist

"Every Bone a Prayer evokes the magic of my favorite childhood stories — thrilling, but eerie — but it's also a painful, beautiful, and necessary examination of trauma and autonomy." — Buzzfeed

"Every Bone A Prayer is a difficult, important, and beautifully rendered story of generational trauma, survival, and healing. The characters I met within its pages have stayed with me, their names and stories etched on my memory." — NPR

"In this strange, magic-infused tale, Blooms breathes Misty's story into being with beautiful prose, gracefully capturing the essence of nature and a child's relationship to it" — Paperback Paris

"An exploration of faith that borders on fanaticism, belief in the unseen wonders of this world, the fear that lives deep in the heart of girls whose innocence is stolen from them, and the resilience built by refusing to be destroyed are all beautifully, heartbreakingly, and magically at work in the brilliant Every Bone a Prayer." — Seattle Book Review

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