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Not My Boy

A Novel

Published: January 2021
SKU: 9781728217666

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Who will you cross to protect your own?

When Hannah packs up her past and moves to the cottage next-door to her sister, she hopes the luxe neighborhood and close family ties will be the perfect escape for her son and the shadows that trail them. But when a young girl goes missing days after they unload their final boxes and her son is quickly thrown under suspicion, Hannah must do whatever it takes to protect her child.

Even if that means pointing the blame her sister’s way instead.

With investigators swarming and neighborhood scrutiny closing in, the divide between two sisters grows. As one fiercely defends her husband, the other shields her boy from the crime, keeping quiet the secrets that might unravel it all.

And all the while, one young girl has vanished, and someone is to blame.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 39
"Told from alternating perspectives, Simmons throws readers right into the middle of the mystery and keeps them guessing the whole way through. Readers who enjoy the suspenseful reads of Liane Moriarty won't be able to put down this novel." — Booklist, Starred review
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