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Quarter to Midnight

Fifteen Tales of Horror and Suspense

Published: August 2022
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Discover fifteen chilling tales of gothic horror and suspense from USA Today bestselling author Darcy Coates.

Push past the curtains of the rational, safe world and explore the un-nameable horrors living in the darkest corners of our conscience. This is the realm of monsters and shifting shadows, where a single wrong step can plunge you into a terrifying, irreversible fight for your life.

  • You discover a door behind your bedroom's wallpaper. It's probably just a small crawlspace. There's nothing unusual about it...except for the quiet tapping noise you hear late at night.
  • A young child went missing while exploring a disused cemetery in 1965. More than fifty years later you face the gate to the abandoned graveyard, armed with a clue that could lead to answers about the boy's fate.
  • A mannequin is stored in the back of your rented basement room. Sometimes its dust cloth falls off. Sometimes you feel it watching you. And sometimes it moves while you're asleep...

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 36
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