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The Master of Mysteries

Published: January 2023
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"From the inspired mystic to the man of practical analytic mind, the transition was instantaneous..."

Astro, the Seer of Secrets, and his lovely assistant, Valeska, sound more like a magic act than a private detection team. Astro, in fact, hides his powers of observation and reasoning beneath a turban and a cape, pretending to read palms and consult crystals while in fact keenly observing details that most people—police included—miss. Valeska, his beautiful blonde protégé, assists Astro with his investigations, all the while honing her own skills. Called upon by believers and skeptics both, they adeptly recover what is missing—a rare Shakespeare folio, a missing husband, a kidnapped child—while also solving actual murders. But it is their burgeoning romance, and their mutual zeal to work pro bono where matters of the heart are at stake, that set this crime-solving duo apart.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 20
  • Series: Library of Congress Crime Classics
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