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An Empire for Ravens

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Published: October 2018
Published: October 2018
Published: October 2018
Published: October 2018
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Missing treasure, murder, possible treason...

Emperor Justinian's former Lord Chamberlain, John, gets a letter from his longtime comrade, Felix, and, placing loyalty to a friend above his own safety, risks defying imperial edict by leaving his exile in Greece for Rome where Felix is in some kind of trouble.

For years a Captain of the Excubitors at the court in Constantinople, Felix has achieved his ambition to become a General when Justinian sends him to serve under General Diogenes in fighting for Rome against the besieging Goths.

John's covert entrance into Rome is ambushed, driving him deep into ancient catacombs before he exits into the heart of the city. Arrested and brought before Diogenes, John learns that Felix is missing. It has been two days since he went to call upon Archdeacon Leon, a troublesome man at the heart of Felix's dispatch to the city.

When sent to lodge at Felix's quarters, John finds the household in disarray, evidence that Felix has taken a questionable lover and run up his usual debts, and someone is rifling supplies. Then a young woman servant, also missing, is found dead. John has many mysteries to solve before Diogenes' courier to Justinian can return and prompt John's immediate execution.

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  • Size: Hardcover & Paperback - 5.50 in x 8.50 in
  • Pages: Hardcover - 278, Paperback - 288, Paperback Large Print - 404
"Reed and Mayer's outstanding 12th whodunit set in the sixth century CE takes John the Eunuch, a worshipper of the sun god Mithra and former lord chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, from Greece, where he has been in exile from Constantinople, to Rome, which is under siege by the Goths...The cleverness of the plot and the solution to the murder are among the series's best. " — Publishers Weekly STARRED Review
"The 12th franchise entry places the reader in the middle of the turmoil of sixth-century Rome and into a tense historical mystery." — Kirkus Reviews
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