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Published: April 2019
Published: April 2020
Published: April 2019
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Winner of the 2019 Dashiell Hammett Prize for Literary Excellence in Crime Writing

"Bluff is a triumphant and thrilling return. Not only can Hitchcock stage a murder mystery that's as comedic as it is clever, but she also skewers the social elite—a world in which she grew up—with a satirical touch that's both razor-sharp and subtly sympathetic."—The Strand Magazine

From New York Times bestselling author Jane Stanton Hitchcock comes a noir crime thriller full of wit, charm, and intrigue. For Maud Warner, the only way to get revenge is at the poker table—and she likes her odds.

One-time socialite Maud Warner polishes up the rags of her once glittering existence and bluffs her way into a signature New York restaurant on a sunny October day. When she walks out again, a man will have been shot.

Maud has grown accustomed to being underestimated and invisible to young New York socialites, and she uses her ability to fly under the radar as she pursues celebrity accountant Burt Sklar, the man she believes stole her mother's fortune and left her family in ruins. Her fervent passion for poker has taught Maud that she can turn weakness into strength to take advantage of people who think they are taking advantage of her, and now she has dealt the first card in her high-stakes plan for revenge.

One unexpected twist after another follows as Maud plays a deadly game of poker. The stakes? To take down her enemies and get justice for their victims. Her success depends on her continuing ability to pull off the biggest bluff of her life—and on who will fold.

Can she win?

Full of both intrigue and wit, this mystery is:
  • Perfect for fans of Linda Fairstein and Tara Isabella Burton
  • A riveting book for people who love poker
  • For readers who enjoy big city mysteries and crime noir fiction
  • This award-winning thriller from New York Times bestselling author will have you cheering as Maud Warner, ex-socialite and card master, deftly plays her adversaries one-by-one. The necessary ending? Revenge. The plan? A deadly gamble.

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    • Case Count: Hardcover: 36, Paperback: 32, Paperback Large Print: 12
    "This delicious novel of sweet revenge reveals, with wit and stylish vigor, a world—New York high society—that the author clearly knows intimately." — Publishers Weekly STARRED Review
    "Hitchcock pokes fun at the gossipy upper class, at the verbal tics of crass hangers-on, at the street-smart capability of former strippers and former advertising executives alike. The biggest takeaway: He who underestimates women of a certain age certainly does so at his own peril. Frothy fun with a backbone of feminist steel; as quick-moving and intricate as any heist movie." — Kirkus Reviews
    "The axiom 'write what you know' deliciously foretells this poker-themed thriller...A smartly plotted upper-crust caper." — Karen Keefe, Booklist
    "Jane Hitchcock pulls off another stunning tour de force in her newest crime novel, Bluff. Nobody writes high society and its down-low denizens better than Hitchcock - and this book is her best yet. It's all in the cards—and it's masterful." — Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author
    "Jane Stanton Hitchcock's Bluff is the royal flush of suspense novels! The queen of both writing and poker aces it again!" — Linda Kenney Baden, celebrated attorney, legal commentator, and author
    "It's not just the characters who are bluffed. Readers will be too. " — Reviewing the Evidence
    "With the heart-pounding suspense of a high-stakes poker game, Bluff is a vivid, compelling novel about deceit, seduction, and delicious revenge that will have you spellbound and cheering as you turn the last page." — Susan Cheever, author of Home Before Dark and Treetops
    "witty revenge story... " — The Seattle Times
    "Bluff is a triumphant and thrilling return. Not only can Hitchcock stage a murder mystery that's as comedic as it is clever, but she also skewers the social elite - a world in which she grew up - with a satirical touch that's both razor-sharp and subtly sympathetic." — The Strand Magazine
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