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Murder in Megara

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Published: October 2015
Published: October 2015
Published: October 2015
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John, former Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, has been exiled from Constantinople to a rustic estate John has long owned in Greece, not far from where he grew up. But exile proves no escape from mystery and mayhem. The residents of nearby Megara make it plain John and his family are unwelcome intruders. His overseer proves corrupt. What of the other staff—and his neighbors?

Before long, John finds himself accused of blasphemy and murder. Now a powerless outsider, he's on his own, investigating and annoyingly hampered by the ruthless and antagonistic City Defender who serves Megara as both law enforcer and judge. Plus there's that corrupt estate overseer, a shady pig farmer, a servant's unwelcome suitor, a wealthy merchant who spends part of his time as a cave-dwelling hermit, and the criminals and cutthroats populating such a seedy port as Megara.

Complicating matters further are two childhood friends whose lives have taken very different paths, plus the stepfather John hated. John realizes that in Megara, the solution to murder does not lie in the dark alleys where previous investigations have taken him, but in a far more dangerous place—his own past. Can he find his way out of the labyrinth of lies and danger into which he has been thrust before disaster strikes and exile turns into execution?

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  • Case Count: Paperback: 12, Paperback Large Print: 12
"...John, who's solved many mysteries for the emperor in Constantinople, finds that digging into corruption, past secrets, and misdeeds in a small town is every bit as dangerous as the intrigue of the emperor's court. John's 11th case combines historical detail with a cerebral mystery full of surprises." — Kirkus Reviews
"Meticulous research makes this historical series set in the Byzantine Empire a joy to read. Admirers of Steven Saylor and Lindsey Davis will enjoy exploring this ancient world." — Library Journal
"If you are unfamiliar with this engaging series, where have you been? You are lucky. It is easy to get caught up with the story. The authors' wonderful research and writing skills clue you in with no trouble at all." — BookLoons
"Their narrative is barbed with questions about every motive, about every danger and about every possibility, and with each question the screw is tightened once again but (as if for counterbalance) the dialogue often has a poetry of its own." — Eric Barraclough, The Reluctant Famulus
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