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Published: July 2011
Published: July 2011
Published: April 2009
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Attending the Yaqui tribe's Easter Ceremonies in Tucson should be a dream come true for Cheyenne-wannabe-shaman Mad Dog. But immediately after his arrival, he is accused of being a witch. Then a policeman is murdered, and suddenly Mad Dog and his wolf-hybrid, Hailey, are targets of a city-wide manhunt with shoot-first overtones. Mad Dog's niece, Heather English, a part-time deputy for her father in Kansas, comes to Tucson to arrange a peaceful surrender or find the real killer.

Back in Kansas, someone has blown Mad Dog's house off the face of the Great Plains. Sheriff English learns Mad Dog has been playing an online computer game, War of Worldcraft, where a vampire wizard has been tormenting him. Mad Dog claims the creature has come after him in the real world. The sheriff isn't convinced...until he begins receiving threats from a vampire wizard on his office computer....

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  • Case Count: Paperback: 12, Paperback Large Print: 12
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