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Hide & Speak Spanish

Published: August 2003
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Turns language learning into a fun game! Kids learn Spanish with a tested method for teaching vocabulary in a new language. Results are a feeling of success for kids or anyone learning Spanish.  

Parents, teachers, and gift givers will find:

  • a charming and attractively illustrated book for kids learning Spanish!
  • a series of books for children learning a new language! 

Kids open the book to any right-hand page, where they will see two vertical lists. The list on the left presents pictures, and the list on the right gives words in the target language that match each picture. First, kids study the entire page, say the words out loud a few times, and try to remember them. Next, they cover the pictures with the left-hand flap that is attached to the book's back cover. They read and recite the words out loud as they try to recall the adjoining picture. Next, they lift the flap covering the pictures, then use the back cover's right-hand flap to cover the words. Using the pictures as a prompt, they must try to repeat the correct words for the pictures they have covered. They can also use a water-based felt-tip pen to write the words on the flaps, which can be erased for future use by rubbing off with a soft cloth or tissue.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 50
  • Age range: 7-11
  • Series: Hide & Speak Series
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