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Chariot Race/La course de chars

French/English Edition

Published: October 2009
SKU: 9780764143632

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Look no further for the perfect French bilingual book for children! Chariot Race teaches kids a second language as they read an exciting adventure story.

Chariot Race features two-page spreads, with English sentences and their French equivalent on side-by-side pages. This parallel format encourages independent readers to learn French while improving their overall reading skills. This bilingual book includes:

• Parallel text in English and French

• Vibrant illustrations to keep kids entertained

• Speech bubbles to aid reading comprehension

Children will soon begin absorbing the French sentences reflected on the parallel page as they read this entertaining story. Rather than verifying every single translation, their comprehension of new words will grow effortlessly from the story’s context. Chariot Race starts kids on a path of bilingual fluency while also supporting their first language.

Ready for even more bilingual children’s books? Check out The Red Rock and A New World! All books in the Let’s Read series provide children an approachable path to reading and speaking a second language.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 100
  • Age range: 6-12
  • Series: Let's Read! Books
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