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Media in the Twentieth Century

Published: February 1997
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In Media in the 20th Century, explores the extraordinary rise of power of the different forms of media-print and electronic-through the 20th century and the issues of censorship, regulations, influence and manipulation through the decades. Read about the rise of "yellow journalism" in the 1900s, the boom years of radio in the '20s, the coming of television in the '30s, the coverage of wars in the different decades, the rise of "media screening" and the V-chip in the '90s, and much more! From Nightline to the community affairs column of you local newspaper, we are being bombarded with more and more information-coming to us at a faster and faster speed. Media in the 20th Century chronicles the different ways in which information has been disseminated and the influence it has had upon the political, social, and economic structure of the U.S. and the world. Miliestone media events and implications are explored, such as the Kennedy/Nixon presidential debates, The Cold War, Watergate, McCarthyism, Iron Hostage Crises, and Neil Armstrong's walk on the surface of the moon. Media in the 20th Century is jam-packed with fascinating information presented in an accessible format highlighting, along the way, interesting facts and figures, people, 20th century vocabulary, obsolete necessities, and more! The vast range and speed of media has made the world relatively small-we are now capable of communicating instantaneously on a global scale. At this pivotal point in time, when two millenniums collide, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to evaluate our achievements and peek over the horizon.

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  • Pages: 100
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  • Age range: 12-18
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