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Poetry Speaks Who I Am

100 Poems of Discovery, Inspiration, Independence, and Everything Else for Teens (A Poetry Speaks Experience, Includes CD)

Published: March 2010
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From Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Elise Paschen, creators of the now-classic New York Times bestseller Poetry Speaks to Children, comes this ultimate teen inspiration anthology book of poems for middle grade readers in a dynamic book-plus-CD format.

An amazing poem books for teen girls and boys, Poetry Speaks Who I Am is filled with more than 100 remarkable poems about you, who you are, and who you are becoming. Dive in-find the poem you love, the one that makes you angry, the one that makes you laugh, the one that knocks the wind out of you, and become a part of Poetry Speaks Who I Am by adding your own inside the book.

Poetry can be life altering. It can be gritty and difficult. It can be hilarious or heart-breaking. And it's meant to be experienced, so we've included a CD on which you'll hear 44 poems, 39 of which are original recordings—you'll only find them here. You'll hear poets both classic and contemporary, well-known and refreshingly new, including:
  • Dana Gioia expresses the hunger of a "Vampire's Serenade"
  • Elizabeth Alexander waits for that second kiss in "Zodiac"
  • Langston Hughes flings his arms wide in "Dream Variations"
  • Marilyn Nelson reads to her class in "How I Discovered Poetry"
  • Paul Muldoon's poem "Sideman," brought loudly to life by the band Rackett
  • And 39 more poems that are immediate and vibrant
  • From Lucille Clifton's "Here Yet Be Dragons" to Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee" to "Tia Chucha," by Luis J. Rodriguez, Poetry Speaks Who I Am is a poetry for young people collection that is dynamic, accessible, challenging, classic, edgy, and ultimately not quite perfect. Just like you. If you're lucky, it'll serve as a gateway to a lifetime lived with poetry. At the very least, it'll be a good time. Dive in, and happy hunting.

    Product Details

    • Hardcover
    • Case Count: 26
    • Age range: 12-16
    • Series: A Poetry Speaks Experience
    "These clear and powerful readings add a welcome dimension and will no doubt enhance readers' enjoyment of the collection. The design of the volume, with its funky typefaces and brightly colored cover, will also appeal to young teens. The final pages provide space for readers to add their own poems—a good idea, because after paging through this eclectic and powerful anthology many will indeed be inspired to take up the pen." — Kirkus Reviews
    "A sound and rewarding introduction to the joys of poetry." — Publishers Weekly
    "Elise Paschen: poetry for teens caters to the rebel in each of us... So what if that happens to be written by some fancy-sounding napoetryme such as Percy Shelley or Paul Muldoon? So much the better." — Chicago Tribune
    "The greatest contemporary poets speak to our youth and to us all. This marvelous anthology contains over 100 poems that matter, by such luminaries as Langston Hughes, Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe, to the greatest of our own lifetime: Nikki Grimes, Joy Harjo, Richard Wilbur, Jason Shinder, Nancy Willard, N. Scott Momaday and scores more. A rich experiential collection is featured on the included CD with 47 new, recent and archived recordings of the poets and editors reading their work! The look, feel and design of this volume is cool and relevant - just like the poetry. This gem is a gift of a lifetime." — National Parenting Publications Awards" — NAPPA
    "Poet Elise Paschen is turning her attention to yet another most universal of human experiences: awkward adolescence...[Paschen] can turn this subject into something that we can laugh about now." " — NPR
    "Poetry Speaks Who I Am is the perfect book to introduce tweens & teens to Poetry... [Poetry Speaks Who I Am] also features blank pages in the back, where teens can write their own poetry. The book's design also speaks to younger readers — with the pages created to look like they belong in a teenager's notebook, with scribbles and doodles around the edges...This adds yet another dimension to the experience of poetry, which is sometimes considered a performance art more than anything else." — Portland Examiner
    "The power of spoken poetry is at the heart of Poetry Speaks. Poetry is a vocal art, an art meant to be read aloud. Listening to a poem read aloud can be a transforming experience. Poetry Speaks not only introduces the finest work from some of the greatest poets who ever lived, it reintroduces the oral tradition of poetry, of poetry performed." — Powells Books
    "An added bonus to Poetry Speaks Who I Am is that is comes with a CD of 47 poems being read by their authors or others. There's something hypnotic about listening to poems being read, especially by the author, who knows where she intended emphasis and can add tone." — Reading Local: Portland
    "Teen readers will find much to enjoy in "Poetry Speaks: Who I am...a highly eclectic collection of 100 poems about everything from valentines to being black to mowing the lawn." — Scripps News
    "This volume of verse is aimed at teenagers and is, not surprisingly, full of strong emotion... It's a standout collection, packaged with a CD of the poems read aloud, many by the poets themselves." — The New York Times
    "Teen readers will find much to enjoy in "Poetry Speaks: Who I am"(Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky, $19.99). Editor Elise Paschen asked poets to send poems either that were important to them as teenagers, or poems they had written themselves about being teenagers. The result is a highly eclectic collection of 100 poems about everything from valentines to being black to mowing the lawn." — The Seattle Times
    "Humorous, biting, tender, angry, confused—the range of moods and voices reflect those of young people themselves as they make and lose friends, fall in love, worry about school, hug (and hurt) parents and try to figure out their place in the world." — Washington Parent
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