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Hailey Twitch Is Not a Snitch

Published: May 2010
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Never has an invisible friend caused a girl so much grief. From acclaimed children’s author Lauren Barnholdt, a laugh-out-loud chapter book series for precocious kids everywhere!

Meet Hailey Twitch.

She’s just like you. Well, sort of. She loves pink sparkly pencils and ice cream. But Hailey also has a secret: she’s friends with Maybelle, a sprite that only she can see. Hailey and Maybelle are having fun, fun, fun. But they’re also getting into lots of trouble!

Can Hailey keep her friend a secret or will she have to tell?

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 72
  • Age range: 7-10
  • Series: Hailey Twitch , Book 1

"Spunky Hailey Twitch meets her match when an overeager fairy befriends her. High-spirited Maybelle hopes her energetic escapades will endear her to the youngster and earn her acceptance from the Department of Magic. Unfortunately, the sprite's childish antics only bring trouble at home and tension at school; as Maybelle is visible only to Hailey, her misguided attempts to help the child backfire. Barnholdt focuses on fledgling friendships and dreaded partner assignments to successfully capture elementary school's complex dynamics. The classmates' realistic dialogue supports the lighthearted tale. Hailey's engaging narration is developmentally egocentric and appropriately child-centered. Though Hailey is an active participant in the fairy's misbehavior at first, her growth in empathy reveals a developing maturity. Beaky's animated illustrations extend the breezy narrative. Impish Maybelle shines in each of her energetic drawings; her doll clothes and patterned wings convey her exuberant personality. (Magical adventure. 6-9) Though there's nothing unusual about a fantasy series that stars a plucky protagonist, this introductory entry serves as a solid selection for transitioning readers" — Kirkus Reviews

"Though there's nothing unusual about a fantasy series that stars a plucky protagonist, this introductory entry serves as a solid selection for transitioning readers." — Kirkus Reviews

"First of all, it is a fast moving, well written book that captures the spirit of being a second grader. Secondly, we need more books about excitable little girls. " — Jana's Booklist

"I seemed to be either grinning or laughing aloud as I read the book. " — Book Chook

"Hailey is spunky and makes mistakes, like most 2nd graders, but she also learns important lessons about friendship, sharing, and doing things for others." — KC Books

"Hailey Twitch is Not a Snitch by Lauren Barnholdt is the sort of whimsical, charming story that parents will have no problem reading along with their children — yet written in a way that beginning readers could feasibly tackle it on their own, as well." — Portland Books Examiner

"Funny, hilarious and exciting." — Read, Write, Repeat

"The main character, Hailey Twitch, is so funny. Her internal thought process is great and made me laugh. I think any school-aged kid who picks it up is going to enjoy it." — Reading, Writing and Waiting

"Lauren Barnholdt's new series featuring Hailey Twitch is an amusing adventure of a seven year old and her new found fairy friend. Hailey finds it hard to make everyone happy especially herself throughout her busy school day and life at home. When her new fairy friend, Maybelle, tries to help create fun during a class project, chaos brings chuckles to all.

Recommended for readers 9-12, the publisher Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky released this sparkly book on May 1, 2010." — Spot to Read

"This was a cute little book geared towards young girls to teach them two things. How stepping up and admitting your wrong doing is the best thing to do, and how it's best to do the right thing than the "fun" thing." — The NY Book Journal

" I was still in the classroom, with Kinder or 1st or 2nd grade students, this would be my new chapter book series of choice, to introduce them to. It is funny, realistic, and teaches a lesson." — Write for a Reader

"With its short chapters, short, choppy sentences and adorable drawings by artist Suzanne Beaky, Hailey Twitch is Not a Snitch is perfect for the emerging reader." — YA (and kids) Book Central

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