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Trouble at the Zoo

A Bindi Irwin Adventure

February 2011 9781402255144

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Inspired and co-created by Bindi Irwin, daughter of iconic wildlife expert Steve Irwin, and Dancing With The Stars contestant.

When someone tries to steal a water dragon from Bindi’s birthday party at the Australia Zoo, Bindi and her brother must save the water dragon and the party!

Bindi's birthday party at the zoo is going to be HUGE. Karaoke, animal rides, dancing competitions-it's all happening! But when a spoiled ten-year-old boy decides he wants to take home one of the zoo's precious water dragons, Bindi, her brother Robert, and a green-winged macaw come to the rescue. Can Bindi save the water dragon and her party?

A fast-paced adventure series featuring The Jungle Girl herself! The stories are inspired and co-created by Bindi Irwin, daughter of the iconic wildlife expert, Steve Irwin. The series features the characters of Bindi, her brother Robert, mother Terri, and the Australia Zoo.

Bindi's Wildlife Adventures Series:
Trouble at the Zoo (Book 1)
Rescue! (Book 2)
Bushfire! (Book 3)
Camouflage (Book 4)
A Whale of a Time (Book 5)
Roar! (Book 6)
Croc Capers (Book 7)
Surfing with Turtles (Book 8)

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.25 in x 7.75 in
  • Pages: 112
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