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Glitter Girl

Published: December 2013
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True Confessions of a Trendsetter

Hi! I'm Kat. Welcome to my blog. I may be from a small town but I'm also Glitter Girl Cosmetics' newest trendsetter. Thanks to my flair for fashion and my popular style blog, I've been chosen to be an Alpha Girl, which means I get to try out all the Glitter Girl products before they hit the stores.

Forty-eight hours after she blogs about the goodies in the new line, every girl at Kat's school is sporting the gear. Kat's popularity skyrockets, but Jules—Kat's BFF—seems to be the only one who's not buying into the Glitter Girl lifestyle. Is Kat willing to sacrifice her friendship for life in the fab lane?

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 44
  • Age range: 10-14
" Runkle and Webb deliver an empowering message about striving to be true to oneself for middle school readers. " — Kirkus Reviews
"Glitter Girl tackles the very important topic of friendship vs. popularity, hitting on one common issue many of today's teens face: The need for approval from others. " — Girls' Life Magazine
"Runkle and Webb debut with a 21st-century take on the idea that "All that glitters is not gold"...[and the book] carries some emotional heft." — Publishers Weekly
"This is a fun read with a powerful message of what can happen when the lure of popularity and fame gets in the way of best friends. Perfect for girls who love a little bit of glamour and fashion, Glitter Girl sparkles while it also shows tweens how your best friend doesn't have to be exactly like you." — The Parents Connection
"If there's one thing parents and tweens can take away from "Glitter Girl," it is that friendship is something we can't take for granted, at any age." — Whittier Daily News
"Kat learns a few home truths throughout the course of this book, but she takes responsibility and reevaluates a few aspects of herself. Mostly it's a book about friendship, loyalty, and doing the right thing; perfect for a high school library! " — Wondrous Reads
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