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Monster Machines! On the Farm

December 2013 9781402292477

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This oversize board book features fearsome machines, tractors and vehicles on the farm. Learn all about the various vehicles and their functions from backhoes to bulldozers.

Kids will read all about plows, mowers, corn pickers, threshers, harvesters, milking machines, and more! Provides easy to understand detail about a wide variety of machines for kids who want more than simple identification.

The tractor is the most commonly used farm machine. It can carry, pull, push, or use various tools. It can pull a harrow, mower, plow, or seeder easily in the fields or on the road.

On a farm, you can find several types of tractors: a very powerful one for heavy plowing, a lighter one to spread fertilizer, and one or two others for ongoing yard work. There are also small, narrow tractors used just in orchards and vineyards.

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  • Board Book
  • Size: 10.25 in x 13 in
  • Pages: 18
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