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Dorothy's Derby Chronicles: Rise of the Undead Redhead

Published: July 2014
SKU: 9781402295355

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A fun, empowering series featuring an all-girls roller derby team, the challenges they must overcome, and the unique qualities each character has that helps lead to victory.

Dorothy Moore has never been outgoing. In fact, she's downright shy. So when she and her sister Sam are forced to move in with their pink-haired, hearse-driving grandma, Dorothy's not sure she can survive as the new kid in school. When she reaches into her gym bag to find her sweats replaced with a sequined spandex body suit courtesy of Grandma Sally, she's sure she won't.

Dorothy just wants to fit in at school, and learning how to skate from Grandma Sally seems like the wrong way to go. But meeting new friends Jade and Gigi—who save Dorothy from super embarrassment—makes all the difference, and Dorothy finds that skating in circles might be the path to happiness and adventure.

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.25 in x 7.50 in
  • Pages: 256
"Birnbach's spot illustrations and comics sequences pepper the story, showcasing skating action and hinting at the characters' vivacious personalities. Speaking to the insecurities of middle school, parental abandonment, and the thrill of a crush, this first book in the Dorothy's Derby Chronicles series should easily drum up excitement among readers who aren't afraid to get their elbows bruised." — Publishers Weekly
"In this first installment, gothic scenes, creepy language, and clandestine subplots, along with an eclectic roller-derby team, blend easily in a sincere tale of familial love, friendship, and tween crushes. Throughout, the story highlights how roller derby inspires protagonist Dorothy, BFFs Jade and Gigi, and the rest of the team to build confidence, learn individual and collaborative strengths, and, more significantly, discover that it's OK to be different. A motivational read that nicely kicks off a spunky new series." — Booklist
"Where was this series when I was a kid...?" — Mom Read It
"Rise of the Undead Redhead is the wonderful start to a new series... any middle grade reader that has been the new kid, or simply felt like they just wanted to escape notice from the crowds, will really enjoy this book." — Sharon the Librarian
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