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Whoosh! 250 Ways to Get Motion into Your Drawings

250 Ways to Get Motion into Your Drawings

Published: March 2016
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The best cartoonists jam-pack their work with action that moves the story along. So, how do you capture this kind of motion in your work? Start here.

It's all in the details: sometimes simplicity, rhythm, shadow, speed lines, or exaggerated expressions can make all the difference. Cartoonist and illustrator Carlos Gomes Cabral and 10 other featured artists share tips and tricks to help you create attention-grabbing drawings that practically leap off the pages.

Follow along, step-by-step, through 250 fantastic techniques, including:

• The importance of a good silhouette

• Using lines of action to help create character's gestures

• How to use basic shapes to suggest movement

• Positions to increase drama in a scene

• Telling a compelling narrative with art alone

Whether you work digitally on a computer or at a drawing table with a good old-fashioned pencil, this book will help you develop the skills you need to create movement and drama - and take your dynamic drawing skills to a whole new level!

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