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Survive & Thrive

A Pocket Guide To Wilderness Safety Skills, Plus 16 Quick-Check Skill Cards

Published: March 2016
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Gear up for outdoor adventure, learn to stay alive, and help yourself thrive – feeling confident that you can handle whatever comes your way!

Accidents happen and nature can be unpredictable, which is why this ultra-portable survival kit is a must-have for casual nature explorers and slightly more adventurous campers in need of essential outdoor guidance that they can carry along with them.

Written by a lifelong camper, nature enthusiast, and former search and rescue professional, this must-have survival kit features:

  • A waterproof, zippered case that is rugged and sturdy enough for all types of terrain
  • A no-nonsense pocket guide with information on what to pack, finding shelter, first aid essentials, and other emergency situation solutions
  • Easy-to-understand, colorful illustrations and ultimate step-by-step tips for every outdoor situation you might encounter
  • 16 flash cards to help recognize and identify dangerous plants and animals in North America, and what to do if you come across them
  • All the ultimate techniques needed to achieve superior survival status!

Brimming with practical advice and top tips, this survival guide will help young explorers and newbie hikers master life-saving skills and enjoy a danger-dodging wilderness experience that leaves them feeling refreshed every time. So, grab your gear and let’s go!

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 30
  • Age range: 8-12
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