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Rose and the Magician's Mask

September 2014 9781492604303

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Rose is now a fully fledged magician's apprentice—will her new magic be enough to find the dangerous magician's mask?

When a precious mask of unimaginable power is stolen from the royal palace, Rose suspects that dark magicians are at work and that danger looms. The race to stop the evil thieves will take Rose to the mysterious city of Venice, where nothing is quite what it seems. Can Rose use her magic to find the terrible mask before its true powers are revealed?

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Size: 5 in x 7.50 in
  • Pages: 224
"The suspense, and the tension of the story easily draw readers into Rose's unique world and keep them wanting to know what will happen next. Fans of this series or readers who enjoy princesses, magic, fantasy, and mystery will not be disappointed with this third book" — School Library Journal
"Rose and the Magician's Mask is another fun, enchanting addition to a magical, sparkling series for young readers. Holly Web dazzles, amuses, and ignites the imagination!" — Word Spelunking
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