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Around One Cactus

A Rhyming Read-Aloud Desert Ecology Experience (A Nature Book for Kids)

Published: September 2003
SKU: 9781584690511

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Around One Cactus is the perfect desert kids book and doubles as an ideal habitat book for kids!

The desert is an amazing place filled with secrets and surprises. Have you seen a saguaro cactus? It looks lonely, standing in the dry, dry desert. But actually the saguaro is a haven for a whole community of creatures some cute, some creepy, all of them fascinating!

In this cactus children's book, a boy walks up to an impressive saguaro cactus and wonders who could be living on this arid ground? As night falls, he walks away. And then the place comes alive! The engaging rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations result in an attention-grabbing read-aloud that culminates in successful learning about deserts for kids!

Product Details

  • Hardcover
  • Case Count: 25
  • Age range: 4-10
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