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City Beats

A Hip-Hoppy Pigeon Poem for Kids to Find the Beauty in Urban Nature (Illustrated Animal Book)

Published: March 2006
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This is the perfect book to teach children that beauty can be found anywhere when we look at the world from a new perspective and open our minds. Gorgeous art, fun poetry, and a cool urban landscape make learning fun!

Pigeons are a great introduction to urban nature and wildlife. This book does a remarkable thing: it brings to our attention the fact that taken-for-granted pigeons, or "rock doves," are beautiful birds. It also helps us to appreciate the vibrant beat of a city-from a pigeon’s-eye-view. The text is bouncy. Kids will want to make all the "screech," "hiss," "ker-chunk," "pound," and "tweet" city sounds. Amazing polymer clay illustrations pop right off the page and through die-cut windows. Each illustration was crafted entirely from polymer clay and then photographed.

The perfect book for anyone looking for:

  • animal poems for the children in their life.
  • homeschool materials for remote learning.
  • a way to help kids appreciate the world around us!

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 50
  • Age range: 6-12
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