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Earth Heroes: Champions of the Ocean

Published: January 2011
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An interesting and meticulously researched book for upper elementary and middle school children to learn about the life and lasting contribution of some of the world's greatest naturalists and environmentalists. This book will positively influence the next generation to love our planet and work to protect it.

This book in the Earth Heroes series introduces great conservationists who explored the oceans and worked to save otters, whales, sharks, sunfish, and other inhabitants of the deep. In almost all cases they were scientists as well as activists and authors, and their passion made a lasting contribution to the world.

This volume includes William Beebe, who climbed into a bathysphere and discovered exotic life more than a half mile down; Archie Carr, who discovered the plight of the sea turtles and did much to save them; Jacques Cousteau, inventor of the scuba diving equipment and brought ocean life to televisions across the world; Margaret Wentworth Owings, founder of Friends of the Sea Otter and tireless crusader for marine wildlife; Eugenie Clark, the "shark lady" who showed that sharks are not mindless killers; Roger Payne, who discovered that whales communicate by "singing"; Sylvia Earle, pioneer Jim Suit and submersible diver; and Tierney Thys, who unraveled the mysteries of the ocean sunfish and brought expanded ocean awareness to TV audiences.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 62
  • Age range: 10-14
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