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Wild Ones

Observing City Critters

March 2016 9781584695547

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Learning about the wildlife that lives in urban landscapes and the reasons why is fun for readers because it happens through the eyes of Scooter the dog and is delivered through his story. Children will connect with this cute dog and the love his family has for him and they will learn a lot about the wildlife right outside the front door!

Wild ones are moving into the city! Follow the adorable, curious dog Scooter as he travels through an urban landscape, seeing many wild animals. Cathy's charming illustrations draw upon real-life city scenes from across the United States. Supplementary material contains information about the wild species now often living in cities and how they have adapted. Plus Carol offers a section "Is it Really True?" that is both informational and fun. This book is a wonderful aid for children to become aware of the presence of wild animals and understand why they have taken to living in cities.

Backmatter Includes:

  • Explore More for Kids: photos and information about the animals in this book.
  • Explore More for Teachers & Parents: Activities for home and school to build on the knowledge in this book.

A perfect book for:

  • parents and teachers looking for homeschool supplies for kindergarten (or any grade!)
  • anyone looking for children's books to help instill an appreciation of our planet!

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Size: 9 in x 11 in
  • Pages: 32
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