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Baby on Board

An Engaging Baby Animal Book for Kids (Includes Vocabulary, Matching Games, and STEM/STEAM Activities)

Published: March 2017
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Learn how animal parents love and protect their babies in this beautifully illustrated, rhyming picture book! Perfect for families, classrooms and libraries, Baby on Board includes backmatter with a fun matching game and STEM/STEAM activities.

You may know that kangaroos carry their babies in pouches, but did you know that alligators keep their babies safe in their jaws, or that baby anteaters take a ride on their mom's backs? Learn about various animals and their babies with realistic illustrations and fun, rhyming text, a great fit for your preschool or elementary classroom, your mom and baby book collection, STEM book and animal book library for kids 3-5 or 5-7.

Tucked in pouches, gripped in teeth,
Propped on backs, or underneath,
This is what some animals do.
How did someone carry you?

Backmatter Includes:

  • Explore More for Kids: a matching game for how each animal carries its babies!
  • Explore More for Teachers & Parents: STEM/STEAM activities and curriculum starters, such as vocabulary and pronunciation exercises, counting games, and Venn diagram activities

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 90
  • Age range: 3-8
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