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Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence

A (Mostly) True Story of Resilience and Overcoming Challenges (Women in Science PIcture Books, Biographies for Kids)

Published: April 2020
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Meet Marie Curie. Famous physicist, chemist, and… superhero?

What if superheroes didn't have supernatural powers but instead were humans with amazing brain power? What if superheroes were scientists?

Super Evil Nemesis is determined to stop Marie Curie and the spread of knowledge. When he sends one of his craftiest minions on a mission to try all the tricks he knows, Marie Curie must use her brains and will to fight against all the obstacles that come her way. But is it enough?

Can she prevent Super Evil Nemesis from taking over the world? Does she have the power to become one of the most influential scientists in history? Only time will tell…

This first book in the My Super Science Heroes series uses a fictionalized storytelling approach to teach readers about Curie's amazing achievements, and is sure to empower them to become superheroes themselves!

Includes a scientific glossary and detailed information on Marie Curie's scientific accomplishments.

Published in partnership with the Marie Curie Alumni Association, a nonprofit dedicated to promote research and curiosity and to enhance research and professional collaboration.

Product Details

  • Hardcover
  • Case Count: 34
  • Age range: 4-8
  • Series: My Super Science Heroes
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