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Using Nature to Teach Science

Learn How the Magic of Nature Inspires Everyday Science and Technology (STEM Book Set for Kids, Teachers, Librarians, and Parents)


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Learn about different ways that we can look at nature to teach science and inspire scientific thinking in kids with this bundle of beautifully illustrated kids books perfect for educators, librarians, and parents.

Readers young and old will love this balanced collection of books focusing on the ways that we can learn science through nature. Follow along through the Scientific method with a focus on Next Generation Science Standards as Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist, learn how nature was the inspiration for many of our useful inventions in Nature Did it First, and discover the Rainforest and the actions kids can take to save it in The Forever Forest!

The Using Nature to Teach Science bundle is perfect for:
  • elementary and kindergarten classrooms as part of science curriculum and STEM curriculum.
  • young nature enthusiasts and anyone looking for kids nature books.
  • teachers, librarians, and parents looking for learning books or homeschool materials.
  • anyone wanting to inspire kids with books that teach scientific thinking!
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    About the Author

    Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini first connected her love of art with her concern for the rainforest when she wrote and illustrated A Walk in the Rainforest as a freshman in high school. Since then, she has written and illustrated several other environmentally-focused books for children. She hopes her colorful paintings will get kids excited about going outside and exploring for themselves. Kristin first visited the BEN in 1997 as a college student, and was excited to go back with Rachel 10 years later, in March of 2007. As she wrote the story about Anna and Peter, and painted the animals and plants they saw, she could picture every step of their adventure through the rainforest... because she had just been to the BEN herself! Rachel took her on the same hike described in the story. She even saw the Rufous-eyed Stream Frogs on the night hike with Mark!

    Rachel Crandell taught at Principia Lower School for 20 years after running a nursery school on their farm in Indiana. She and her husband started the Monteverde Conservation League, U.S. to help protect the Children's Eternal Rainforest. They have a cabin in Monteverde where they spend several months each year. Just like Peter and Anna in the story, her children and grandchildren have walked the paths, climbed the strangler fig, and heard the bellbird BONK. Besides researching and writing the scientific paragraphs for The Forever Forest, Rachel has motivated thousands of children and adults to help protect the BEN. She is known as "Rainforest Rachel" because of the hundreds of presentations she has done for school groups about tropical rainforests, and the trips she leads to Costa Rica.

    Karen Ansberry is a mom, teacher, writer, and nature lover. As the co-author of the Picture-Perfect STEM and Picture-Perfect Science series for elementary teachers, she gives workshops across the country helping teachers learn to integrate STEM and reading. Karen has taught science for over 25 years. Her science classroom was full of pets, including finches, rats, chinchillas, snakes, and even hissing cockroaches! Karen lives in historic Lebanon, Ohio, with her husband, four children, and three dogs, Find her at pictureperfectscience.com.

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