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The Dandelion Seed

A Life Cycle Nature Book for Kids (Plants For Children, Science For Kindergarten)

Published: September 1997
SKU: 9781883220679

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In The Dandelion Seed, kids learn the life cycle of a plant, but this dandelion seed is special. Readers follow a beautiful story of life's journey—a journey that brings change and growth. A journey of a tiny dandelion seed who was afraid to let go.

A dandelion can teach much about seeds and seasons and cycles—and the big world that a wind-blown seed can travel—but it also can make us appreciate the challenges it must overcome. This gorgeous book is at once simple and profound. You may be surprised and pleased by the questions and observations of your children after reading this together.

Great for parents or giftgivers looking for a:

  • graduation gift
  • gift for the new school year
  • book to provide inspiration

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 90
  • Age range: 4-10
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