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Calling All Cars

Published: N/A
Published: March 2016
Published: June 2016
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This bouncy text explores the wonderful world of cars zipping up, down, fast, and slow. And at the end of the day it’s bedtime for these busy cars:

Rest cars, Hush cars
No more rush, cars.
Cars pull in, turn off the light.
Sweet dreams, sleepy cars...goodnight!

Product Details

  • Size: Hardcover - 10 in x 10 in, Board Book - 8 in x 8 in
  • Pages: Hardcover - 32, Board Book - 24
  • Case Count: Hardcover: 24, Board Book: 20
  • Age range: 1-4
"Does your summer hold a road trip close to home or far away? If so, pack this lively travel companion for your tot. Sue Fliess's rhyming text pairs beautifully with Sarah Beise's whimsical illustrations. Whether "fast cars, slow cars" or "way-down-low cars," there's a vehicle for every occasion and sensibility. Race cars, vans and convertibles head for the beach or zip around the track. The drivers ratchet up the humor, since they are all cheery critters, including a large rabbit family with a suitcase-laden automobile. This book should get excellent mileage with the little ones." — Washington Parent
"Automobiles galore in this ode to the particular set of pleasures and miseries that occur in a world full of cars.... Each double-page spread offers a surplus of amusing sights: three pigs in a convertible, a kitten chauffeuring a royal pair of lions, love-struck snakes hugging and tugging their cars too close together. Beise's digital illustrations pop with vivid colors." — Kirkus Reviews
"Fliess's punchy rhymes mimic the speed and energy of the cars being described, making for a lively read-aloud...Young car enthusiasts will enjoy the ride through this zippy, robust picture book." — School Library Journal
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