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My Name Is Not Isabella

An Inspiring Book About Identity And Heroes For Kids (Includes Facts About Extraordinary Women Throughout History)

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Published: September 2010
Published: May 2020
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A rollicking read-aloud and terrific "read-to-myself" story, full of complete with backmatter about Isabella's favorite women throughout history!

A New York Times Bestseller!

Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? Ask Isabella…
She takes a wild ride—and discovers the sky's the limit!

Who Is Your Hero?

Isabella's include U.S. Astronaut Sally Ride, activist Rosa Parks, and sharpshooter Annie Oakley—but there's no bigger hero than Isabella's own mommy! Join Isabella on an adventure of discovery—and find out how imagining to be these extraordinary women teaches her the importance of being her extraordinary self.

"This story…speaks frankly about self-identity and self affirmation as Isabella decides at the end that she is actually herself…because she possesses the best parts of all of the women she looks up to."—ForeWord Magazine

"The colorful mixed-media artwork reinforces the fanciful, upbeat tone of the book. Use this story to ignite young readers' interest in women's history." —School Library Journal

My Name Is Not Isabella is capturing hearts and awards, including:
Silver ForeWord Book of the Year Award for Picture Books
Gold Moonbeam Children's Book Award
Gold Independent Publisher Book Award
Amelia Bloomer List

A great choice if looking for:
Feminist books for little girls and boys
Historical women books for kids
Supreme court justices biographies for kids

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  • Size: Hardcover & Paperback - 11 in x 8.50 in
  • Pages: Hardcover & Paperback - 32
"The subject matter inspires discussion about women's history as well as encourages self-confidence and pride." — 2 Wired 2 Tired

"The exuberance of the text and typography, coupled with Isabella's force of personality, ensures that the pages fly along, largely and blessedly free of the earnestness that plagues so many "girls can do anything" books." — Publishers Weekly

"My kids and I love this book." — A Little of This and A Little of That
"My Name is Not Isabella is a wonderful new picture book that inspires creativity within young girls, as well as encourages the power within all of us." — A Mother World

"A great story for little girls!" — Amanda's Favs

"Its positive message teaches them that anyone, girls or boys, can do what they dream of doing, if they work hard, never give up and allow themselves to dream BIG." — Amazing Kids Magazine
"Isabella also teaches adults, who may feel like it's too late to make a change, that's there's always time to follow your dream." — Arms of a Sister
"As a little girl, I dreamed of being all kinds of things, and little Isabella does too in this inspiring book." — Atlanta Parent
"It's the kind of book that can open a little girl's mind up to a world of new stories simply by letting her explore all the possibilities." — BabyCenter
"We've already read the book several times and they still can't enough so we'd definitely recommend checking it out." — Black and Married with Kids
"Jennifer Fosberry's lesson in women's history goes down easily, abetted by an appendix with information on Isabella's alternate identities and web sites for further investigation." — Books for Kids
"We're definitely avid readers of My Name Is Not Isabella and avid fans of the little girl whose name graces the cover." — Boutique Cafe
"We. Love. It." — Burgh Baby
"This would be a great holiday gift for any little girl! I would recommend My Name Is Not Isabella by: Jennifer Fosberry to any parent with little girls." — Bzzing Mom
"An amazing storybook that encapsulates the wonderment of childhood and endless imagination." — Cafe of Dreams
"This book was so much fun to read!" — Candid Clever and Cost Effective

"Whether you eat breakfast with your child tomorrow morning, or a facsimile with a different name, that child will love this book. Pick up a copy of 'My Name is Not Isabella' for your little Great Pretender." — Cape Cod Times

"A clever introduction to the lives of influential women who have changed the course of history, as well as an endearing illustration of how young girls can become empowered and confident." — Carolina Parent
"A charming book about a little girl on an imaginary trip through history, pretending to be some of the greatest women who ever lived, encouraged by her ever-present mom." — Charlotte Parent
"Fun inspiration...sure to be enjoyed." — Chronicles of an Infant Bibliophile
"Isabella uses her imagination to turn her world into an adventure...this shows how we can use our imagination to travel into new worlds and explore other lives." — Crazed Mind
"This book does a superb job at introducing the reader to real life women who were and are strong role models for young women." — Dad of Divas
"Empowering to young girls and very positive." — Eco Child's Play
"Young readers will love [Isabella's] spirit as well as her smarts." — Everead
"This is a wonderful book to introduce girls to some amazing role models and empower them with the knowledge that they can be anything they want to be." — Examiner
"My Name Is Not Isabella is capturing hearts." — Family Corner
"A book that every little girl needs to own." — Familylicious
"What a wonderful book to showcase some important ladies of history." — Firr Kids
"Teaches children that there are no limits to what you can become in life." — Fun Saving Money
"Encourages little girls to dream big — and to follow in the footsteps of the great women before them." — Grandma's Briefs
"A wonderful story." — Here and There
"This book would be a great addition to teaching kids about careers and the importance of being yourself and "reaching for the stars"." — Homeschool Post
"A wonderful story of how a child's imagination can help them become anything they want to be!" — I'm Not Your Everyday Average Mom
"This is a strong girl-read that will challenge our little ones to "think big"." — In the Pages
"Reading this to your children gives them that extra hope and wonder of reaching beyond the stars and knowing they have no limitations on what they can become." — Indiependent Books
"My Name is Not Isabella is a book that can teach little girls of all ages that they truly can be what ever they want to be from Astronaut, to Doctor, to Scientist, and even a loving Mommy." — Jessica Loves to Save Money
"Not only is this a great story to help inspire little girls, it's a great book to help teach any child about women's history." — Katie Talks About
"Fosberry provides readers with the utmost basic of information - a first name and one simple word that gives a very broad overview of the role these different women played in history - basic enough that it will allow children to use their "thinking caps" to make inferences (guesses) about what the role they believe these women might have played." — Katie's Literature Lounge
"[A story that] invokes a combination of girl power and history." — Kiwi Magazine
"I adore how Fosberry deftly weaves the personas of Sally Ride, Annie Oakley, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and Elizabeth Blackwell into Isabella's imaginative day." — Lieberry List
"A captivating book for even very young girls-and a terrific resource for older girls to start collecting information on their personal heroes." — Lit for Kids
"A delightful tale of young Isabella trying on the personality of daring women who left an indelible mark on history." — Modern Home Modern Baby
"It will inspire young kids to dream big." — Mogul Baby
"Terrific "read-to-myself" story." — Mom Knows It All
"The teachable quality of this heartwarming tale empowers young girls with the knowledge that they can do anything they want while inspiring them to let their own personalities shine." — Mommies with Cents
"[Isabella] teaches kids how to use their imaginations." — Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles
"The perfect book for the girls! " — Mommy Mandy
"I love how it allows little girls to dream to be whomever they want to be." — Mommy PR

"A tremendous book." — Mommy's Memorandum

"Perfect for any kid who is constantly imagining what they want to be when they grow up." — Momtrends
"My Name is Not Isabella should be able to spark discussions about the real people behind the names that Isabella decides to take on for a while." — Mother Daughter Book Club
"This book definitely sends the message to even the youngest of girls that they have the power to become whoever they want to be, whether it be with the use of their imagination or even later on in life." — Multi-Testing Mommy
"My Name is Not Isabella is quite a find...A sense of history, originality and fun run through the whole book making it a real enjoyable read." — Mummy's Product Reviews
"This book is perfect for girls in the 4 to 8 year old range, although I do have to say that I enjoy this book just as much as my 2 year old baby girl does!" — Musing Maine-iac
"Would willing share this book with friends and family." — My 5 Monkeys
"It sparked educating conversations about these great women, and allowed my girls the opportunity to feel empowered, the opportunity to dream." — My Four Monkeys
"If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter or a special little girl in your life "My Name is Not Isabella" is the perfect gift." — My Own Backyard
"It inspires [conversations] about female history." — My Sentiment Exact Lee
"This book will help your child realize that there is no dream too big." — My Springfield Mommy
"A little girl decides to be many amazing women in history - all in one day. She tells her mom she's not Isabella, but instead she's Sally, a great astronaut; Annie a fast sharp-shooter; Marie, a smart scientist; and other fabulous women. Information about the women Isabella admires are presented in more detail at the back of the book and this title is sure to spark discussions of important women in history and the importance of being yourself." — National Parenting Publications Awards" — NAPPA

"The perfect book to teach young girls about the inner strength of their gender."

" — New Age Mama

"Will inspire other little girls to go for their dreams, no matter how big or hard the road may be to get there." — New York Journal of Books
"This book will inspire and empower young girls to make a difference in whatever they choose to do, and show them they don't have to pretend only to be mermaids, princesses, and fairies." — Non-Toxic Kids
"That timeless message of encouragement to achieve is the theme of the new children's book by Jennifer Fosberry, My Name Is Not Isabella...I can see how this could capture the imaginations of third-graders, fifth-graders, even 39-year-olds like myself." — Omamas
"This book empowers children to realize their true capabilities, while still letting their own personality radiate." — One Momma Saving Money
"My name is not Isabella has become the favorite bedtime book in our home." — Pajama Mommy Community
"Isabella puts an imaginative spin on her day-to-day activities that reminds us all that we can do anything and be anyone we choose." — Parenting Pink
"A heartwarming story that empowers young girls to realize their true capabilities while it also inspires them to let their own personalities shine." — Peekabookpicks
"The book moved me in a way that very few children's books have been able to do." — Raising Them Green
"This book is a gem of a children's book and is a fun read-aloud story." — San Francisco Book Review
"Jennifer Fosberry creates a tolerant mother and ambitious daughter who keeps changing her name in My Name Is Not Isabella." — San Francisco Chronicle

"Whether you eat breakfast with your child tomorrow morning, or a facsimile with a different name, that child will love this book. Pick up a copy of 'My Name is Not Isabella' for your little Great Pretender." — Savannah Post

"As Isabella reinvents herself in the image of Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, and other heroic women, her mother encourages her dreams while keeping her daily routine on track." — Scholastic Parent and Child
"I like what this book teaches, that little girls can be what they want no matter how big!" — Shop with Me Mama

"Whether you eat breakfast with your child tomorrow morning, or a facsimile with a different name, that child will love this book." — Simcoe County Newspaper

"A great way to teach young girls about famous women from many walks of life!" — Simply Stacie
"A great read for kids...it's educational but fun!" — Sparkling Reviews
"This book would be a great addition to teaching kids about careers and the importance of being yourself and "reaching for the stars"." — Sprittibee
"Fosberry's light, deft take makes each scene a romp rather than a lesson, and she includes biographies at the back for the kids (and parents) who get hooked and want to know more." — Squidalicious
"My Name Is Not Isabella is a charming story that encourages little girls to dream big! It will spark their imagination and jumpstart discussions about heroes, careers, history, and more." — Susan Heim on Parenting
"The book introduces some great historical females to young girls and inspires them to be great! It also teaches them that whoever they are, the best heroine of all is themselves." — The Buzz 4 Moms
"It is not only was cute, but that it actually taught the children about 6 different women who made an impact on the history of the USA." — The Fashionable Bambino
"Isabella's adventurous spirit and role-play reminds girls they can be scientists, doctors, and even astronauts - that they can dream big dreams and make their own mark in history." — The Pioneer Woman
"Empower the little girls in your life by reading this wonderful, engaging story about Isabella and all of the women she admires and aspires to be like in her life." — Tiny Green Mom

"Whether you eat breakfast with your child tomorrow morning, or a facsimile with a different name, that child will love this book. Pick up a copy of 'My Name is Not Isabella' for your little Great Pretender." — Tri-State Defender

"For every little girl who ever dreamed of being something great - like a doctor or sharp-shooter or astronaut, My Name is Not Isabella, is the perfect reading material!" — Young Adult Book Central
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