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Nature Did It First

Encourage Problem-Solving and Exploration Through Nature with a Science Book for Kids About Biomimicry and Engineering (Includes STEM Activities)

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Published: May 2020
Published: May 2020
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What child doesn't want to know how things work? Introduce a young reader in your life to how nature works and inspires innovation to help solve some of our toughest engineering challenges. This kid-friendly, beautiful introduction to biomimicry is half playful rhymes and half nonfiction, perfect for ages 5 and up.

Nature does it best … and did it first! Explore the ways we have looked to nature for brilliant new designs and innovations to solve our own conundrums. Each example in nature is paired with a fun, rhyming description, an example of how it has been used by us, and a question to the reader—"what other problems can be solved?"

Learn fascinating examples of biomimicry, like:
  • How burrs inspired Velcro
  • How grooved gecko feet inspired adhesive
  • How bumpy whale flippers inspired windmill blades and surfboards
  • And more!
  • Back matter includes:
  • A glossary for words like echolocation and adhesive
  • A STEM Challenge activity perfect for your home or classroom
  • Product Details

    • Case Count: Hardcover: 25, Paperback: 50
    • Age range: 5-11
    "Inspiring for all those kids who look at the world in wonder and ask, what if?" — Kirkus Reviews
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