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The Storybook Knight

A Rhyming Story About Dragons For Kids

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Published: September 2016
Published: September 2016
Published: September 2021
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Age Level: 4 to 8 | Grade Level: K to 4

What's a knight's greatest power? Stories, of course! From the beloved author/illustrator team behind The Snatchabook comes the ultimate storytime book about castles, knights, dragons, and the power of stories!

Even dragons love a good story...

Leo was a gentle knight
in thought and word and deed.
While other knights liked fighting,
Leo liked to sit and read…

When Leo's mom and dad pack him off to fight a dragon, he takes a shield, a sword—and a pile of his favorite books. But can a story be as mighty as a sword?

This delightful rhyming story about books and the joy of reading is also perfect for kids who love dragon books, adventures, brave knights, and books about castles!

An Autumn 2016 Kids Indie Next Pick
A 2017-2018 SSYRA Jr. List Title

Praise for The Snatchabook:
#1 Indie Next Pick
"I dare you to try to read The Snatch-a-book silently to yourself. You can't do it. The book is so wonderful it demands to be read out loud. And besides, if you didn't read the book out loud, how would the Snatch-a-book hear it?"—Caldecott Medalist Brian Selznick
"This ever-so-sweet story begs to be read out loud." —Booklist
" The gorgeous illustrations are a perfect match for the lively text. This book is a fabulous fit for both storytime and one-on-one reading. Children will be begging for this book to be read to them every night–clever ones will claim they want to keep the Snatchabook happy." —School Library Journal
"The husband-and-wife team of the Dochertys have a winner in this heartwarming tribute to the essential role of bedtime reading in the lives of families." —Publishers Weekly
"The story is sweet and the illustrations darling." —Kirkus
"This whodunit with an uplifting ending will appeal to fans of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! . . . [it] celebrates bedtime reading as a ritual to be revered, and features a thief who merely wants to share in the fun." —Shelf Awareness Pro

Product Details

  • Case Count: Hardcover: 20, Paperback: 75
  • Age range: 4-8
"In an homage to reading that also recalls The Story of Ferdinand, the power of words is extolled in rhyme... A sweet tale about the power of story, just right for nascent fans of Redwall." — Kirkus Reviews
"Helen Docherty's breezy rhyming and Thomas Docherty's lighthearted, imaginative cartooning make this a sweet, fresh take on the typical reading-is-fun tale, while also slyly nodding to our culture of personal celebrity." — Publishers Weekly
"There are delightful spreads done in acrylic ink and watercolor that pair beautifully with the rhyming stanzas. The characters' voices are distinct and beg to be read aloud. VERDICT A recommended purchase for all collections and perfect for storytime, bedtime, or anytime." — School Library Journal
"A plot summary doesn't do justice to the childlike charm and wit of this colorful picture book. The rhythmic, rhyming stanzas roll along at a good pace, and the dialogue offers potential for crowd-pleasing dramatic interpretation in read-aloud sessions. " — Booklist
"THE STORYBOOK KNIGHT is a fantastic adventure, probably more suited for kiddos 4 and up. I truly believe they'll enjoy each and every bit of the story, and there's always some new piece to catch every time you go through the artwork. " — Addicted 2 Novels
"The last page says it all, "He doesn't have to fight at all. He's left in peace — to read." And all the evil characters are turned into docile readers. Lesson learned. The enchanting and colorful illustrations make this a most engaging and fun picture book." — BookSmart Kids
"The Storybook Knight by Helen Docherty has everything a children's picture book should: fantastic illustrations, incredible text and an easy-to-understand story that packs a powerful message and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. " — Brooke Blogs
"Though very different, "The Storybook Knight" reminds me a lot of "Giraffe's Can't Dance." There's a timeless quality to it that will appeal to parents and children alike." — Cracking the Cover
"The Storybook Knight reminds me a lot of "Giraffe's Can't Dance." There's a timeless quality to it that will appeal to parents and children alike." — Cracking the Cover
"There are not enough words to express how excellent this children's book is. The writing/illustrating duo of Helen and Thomas Doherty, who were behind The Snatchabook, bring this gentle tale about a knight and his books." — Jason Stanley
"This book is funny and has fun pictures. The knight is a little mouse, so it is funny that he is the one that is supposed to go fight the dragon. - Raif, Age 6" — Kids Book Buzz
"I absolutely love that our main character, Leo, is a reader. I don't think I've ever felt so attached to a picture book character before." — Lazy Day Literature
"This book is perfect for bookworm parents to read to their children...I loved the messages - both solving problems without fighting and the joy of reading. " — Mom's Radius
"I really like how this book doesn't condone that you need to fight to be brave and to solve your problems. That you can use a book (and your smarts) and find a solution. Also, I like that it shows that books bring people (or creatures!) together!" — Reading with Cupcakes
"The pages are colorfully illustrated, and Leo seems like the kid you have in class who refuses to put his book (a good problem to have, believe me). In the end, the overall message of reading/books promoting peaceful relationships is one to tell every child. " — Reviews Coming at YA
"It has all the key elements of a great story: adventure, rhyming cadence, a knight in shining armor, a dragon and other fearsome beasts, gifts of books, etc. " — So Few Books
"Librarians will find this picture book to be a fun addition to the library's picture book collection. Use the book to jumpstart a reading campaign focusing on the power of books." — Teacher Librarians
"I absolutely LOVE this book for children. First of all, the message. The message! The moral of the story here is this: you do not need to fight to get what you want accomplished, you can use your brain. " — The Book Collective
"People advocating for diversity have been talking about the importance of representation in books for children's literature and The Storybook Knight liberally proves this in a very elegantly understated way that is all the more profound for its subtlety." — The Book Wars
"This book is especially beneficial for the young bookworms of the world who may get (wrongfully) judged or teased for being bookish. It's a truly delightful read that both parent and child will enjoy. Highly recommend!" — The Literary Hedonist
"Truly a delightful picture book for both adults and children! My grandson loves this one for the rhyming that lends itself to some fantastic reading aloud. " — The Novel Life
"The Storybook Knight celebrates the power of the written word, which Leo uses to defeat the beasts he comes across as opposed to his mighty sword. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by Thomas Docherty, The Storybook Knight is a must-read for children and adults alike." — The Novel Orange
"I absolutely LOVED this story. It has such a wonderful message about how books and stories can help us make friends and even avoid violence. It's a powerful message also to parents who want to push their children to do something they want vs. what the child really loves. Aside from these valuable lessons, The Storybook Knight was very entertaining to read. " — The Plot Bunny
"The Storybook Knight is a fantastic book bursting with color and a great cast of characters. " — The Pretty Good Gatsby
"The Storybook Knight is not only about the power of books, but a book that teaches children to stand up for what they love. The funny and heartwarming illustrations full of details are the perfect addition to the meaningful story." — The Reading Castle
"While it is fun and exciting read the book is mellow enough to enjoy it as a bedtime story." — Vimaneaa
"My smile kept getting bigger and bigger as I read this beautifully written and illustrated tale. This is a great story to read morning, noon or night!" — YA Book Divas
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