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Want to know what it's like to be an intern at Sourcebooks? Find out from interns who worked at Sourcebooks! Feedback from our interns is unanimous: this internship program exceeds everyone's expectations! All of the interns feel that they're not only learning about all aspects of the publishing industry, but they're also able to do meaningful, hands-on work. When asked to describe the culture at Sourcebooks, the words "welcoming" and "passionate" were used again and again!

Intern Feedback: Cassidy
It's been really great so far!  I wasn't entirely sure what to expect coming into it, but it's been enjoyable. So far I've liked how varied my projects have been in marketing, but my favorite is probably creating any kind of graphics on Canva because I can be creative with the design.

Intern Feedback: Sydney
I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship thus far! I came into the program with a focused interest in editorial work. Since my first rotation was/is in editorial, I can say for certain that I do have a passion for the work I have been lucky enough to contribute to so far. I'm certain that the other rotations will prove to be incredibly valuable, and who knows - maybe I'll find a passion for another aspect of publishing as well.
My expectations have absolutely been exceeded - Grace and the entire editorial staff have been incredibly welcoming and have given me the opportunity to work on actual editorial projects, something I was hoping for but not truly expecting.
I'd say my favorite part has either been sitting in on acquisitions meetings, because up until this point I didn't have much of a concept of the business that goes along with publishing and it's fascinating to watch discussions about possibly buying a manuscript that goes beyond its literary merit, or reading submissions and writing reader's reports. Ultimately, I feel like I have had the opportunity to be creative and actually contribute to Sourcebooks, which is an incredible experience to have as an intern.

Former Intern Turned Sourcebooks Employee: Jenna Jankowski, Assistant Editor
I had no idea what to expect when I joined Sourcebooks as an intern, but what I found was a group of passionate people dedicated to bringing about change one book at a time. The internship exposed me to each step of the publishing process, and I was amazed by the creativity and dedication poured into every book. I worked on projects at every stage of development, and getting to see books come together from beginning to end was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by a team of people who were excited about what they do and who genuinely wanted to help me succeed, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to be a part of this place. I am now fortunate to be a member of an incredible group here, and I can safely say that the internship changed the course of my career and my life.

Intern welcome lunchIntern welcome lunch
Intern welcome lunch from left to right: MJ Johnson, Kay Birkner, Sarah Mondello, Taylor Maccoux, Nicole Hower, Heather Hall, Jane Duzansky, and Maria Leifheit.
Interns in our Bull PenInterns in our Bull Pen
Interns in our Bull Pen
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