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Our internship program gives you the chance to open the cover and discover what makes a successful book publisher tick with hands-on experiences and projects that will serve as a terrific platform to launch your career. Hear from some of our former interns, some whom have gone on to become highly successful employees here at Sourcebooks!

Breaking Down Barriers: A Letter from Intern Alekhya Pulamarasetti

Dear Dominique,

I would like to thank you deeply for the wonderful, wonderful opportunity you have created which led me to intern with Sourcebooks.

Tomorrow is my last day at work and I would like to tell you that this was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I came in expecting to be given work from day one. But for the majority of the three months, we really had constant learning. It was 85% learning and 15% work and i couldn't have asked for a better start to my career. Every single person we met was so inspiring and incredibly kind. They made me feel completely at home and like I was part of the Sourcebooks family too!

I will be leaving tomorrow much more confident and passionate about literature and publishing than when I walked in three months ago. Equipped now, with a better understanding of the industry and with your powerful wisdom, I am looking forward to getting right into pursuing my career goals. After our conversation, you have become my idol, both professionally and personally. As both the passionate, kind and intelligent woman that you are and as the founder of a super successful publishing house. And so, going on the advice you gave me, I have decided to continue to work and build my knowledge of 137 steps involved in the publishing process. I will begin applying for jobs soon both in India and the US.

I am very grateful to you and the entire team of amazing and supportive intern managers including Heather Hall, Heather Morris, Stefani Sloma and Meg Gibbons for helping me learn and grow in the most encouraging and fun way possible.

Thank you once again and I wish Sourcebooks the very very best and always will. I am excited to see what new heights it will scale and glass-ceilings it will break under your leadership.

Alekhya Pulamarasetti

Anna Editorial Director Joined 2012Anna Editorial Director Joined 2012

Editorial Director
Joined 2012

What do you love most about working in publishing?

"Because authors are rock stars and books are awesome!"

Kay ​Assistant Publisher Joined 2008Kay ​Assistant Publisher Joined 2008

​Assistant Publisher
Joined 2008

What made my internship successful?

"For me, it was that I was given a variety of projects to work on, which was interesting and helped me learn more."

Rachel Assistant Editor Joined 2011Rachel Assistant Editor Joined 2011

Assistant Editor
Joined 2011

What do you love most about working in publishing?

"When I think about the books that shaped me and changed my life, I realize there were teams of people behind every single one of them, hoping they would reach someone, and I hope they know how much that means."

Nick  Director of Web Development Joined 2005Nick  Director of Web Development Joined 2005

Director of Web Development
Joined 2005

What was most valuable about your internship experience?

"Having never worked in a real office before, it was a very positive learning experience seeing how the business world operated"

Kelly ​Editorial Director Joined 2007Kelly ​Editorial Director Joined 2007

​Editorial Director
Joined 2007

What was most valuable about your internship experience?

"My internship helped me discover the job I wanted to do, feel out avenues of the industry, and build experience to add to my resume!"

Eliza Senior Production Editor Joined 2013Eliza Senior Production Editor Joined 2013

Senior Production Editor
Joined 2013

What was most valuable about your internship experience?

"My internship really prepared me for my real job in publishing because it basically already was one!"

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