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Breaking Bad Habits in Horses

Tried and Tested Methods of Overcoming Faults and Vices

Published: March 2007
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This book’s reader-friendly style and author expertise make it a must read for every horse enthusiast!

Anyone who spends time around horses quickly learns that each one has a distinct personality. Some are easy-going, while others are beyond stubborn, and it takes a unique approach to work with each one. In this well-designed and easy-to-reference horse training handbook, an experienced trainer presents a practical and humane approach to solving the most common equestrian problems.

Each problem is identified and described, potential causes are analyzed, and several remedies are suggested. The text is complemented with 550 full-color photos and enlightening diagrams that show examples of problem behavior and illustrate training exercises or therapies to overcome each challenge.

The book covers three general categories:

  • Behavioral problems originating from the horse's temperament, such as reluctance to socialize with other horses and high-strung behaviors.
  • Day-to-day behavior management problems include nipping, kicking the stable door, escaping from pastures, and similar issues.
  • Equitation problems from tacking up, saddling, and riding the horse, to dressage problems and a horse's refusal to jump a fence, among others.

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